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07/17/24 'Restoring STC Through Proper Firestopping' with Tim Mattox (STI)
06/13/24 'What Code We Do For You?' with Rich Walke (CTI) and Bill McHugh (FCIA)
05/22/24 'Don't Touch That Fire Door! Cautionary Tales of Rogue Field Modifications' with Laura Frye Weaver,  DHT, DAHC, CDC, DHC, CFDAI, CSI, CDT, CCS, QFDT, QFDI, QDOC
04/24/24 'The Nitty Gritty of the 07 84 00 Firestop Spec' with Ron Geren, FCSI, Distinguished Member, AIA, CCS, CCCA, CDT, CSC, SCIP - INTRO
03/20/24 'Firestop Installations: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly' with Corey Zussman, AIA, RBEC, CDT, CQM, CxA+BE (Pepper Construction)
02/21/24 'Which Came First: The Firestopping or The Fireproofing?' with Daniel Ehehalt (Isolatek)
01/08/24 'The Future Looks 'DIIM'...and That's Good!' with Rich Walke (CTI) 


12/13/23 'Fire & Fire-Resistance: What Should and Shouldn't Happen?' with Rich Walke (CTI)
11/15/23 'So, You Want to Read A Firestop System Listing?' with Mark St. Onge (UL Solutions) and Rich Walke (CTI)
11/14/23 'Fire-Resistance in Canada' with Rich Walke (CTI)
10/18/23 'Gettin' Greasy with Grease Duct Enclosures' with Mike Kerrison (Alkegen) and Rich Walke (CTI)
09/13/23 'The Dos and Don'ts of Maintaining Fire Doors' with Laura Frye Weaver, DAHC, CDC, CFDAI, QFDT, QFDI, QDOC - HANDOUT
08/16/23 'The Ins and Outs of Firestop Inspection' with Mark St. Onge (UL Solutions)
07/19/23 'A Look at the Fire-Resistance Standards' with Rich Walke (CTI) 
06/15/23 'The 07 84 00 Firestop Spec' with Ron Geren (RLGA Technical Services) - PRESENTATION
05/17/23 'The Firestopping Joints Primer Program' with Rich Walke (CTI) 
04/12/23 'The Standards Development Process' with Diane Haithcock (UL Standards & Engagement), Rich Walke (CTI), and Bill McHugh (FCIA) 
03/23/23 'Is That A Fire Barrier?' with Bill Koffel (Koffel Associates) 
02/28/23 'Testing, Inspection, Maintenance of Life Safety Dampers' with Michael Bulzomi (Greenheck) 
01/11/23 'The 'DIIM' of FirestoppingTM for Safer Buildings' with Rich Walke (CTI) 


12/21/22 'FCIA in Action' - PRESENTATION ONLY
11/16/22 'Life Safety Dampers' with Michael Bulzomi (Greenheck) - PRESENTATION ONLY
10/26/22 'Protection of Grease Ducts Using Duct Wrap Systems' with Rich Walke (CTI) - PRESENTATION ONLY
09/22/22 'Firestopping in Existing Buildings' with Rich Walke (CTI) - PRESENTATION ONLY
08/24/22 'Maintaining Protection in Existing Buildings' with Rich Walke (CTI) - PRESENTATION ONLY
07/27/22 'A Look at the 2024 Code Cycle and Proposals' with Rich Walke (CTI) and Bill Koffel (Koffel Associates) - PRESENTATION ONLY
06/29/22 'Protecting Recessed Boxes in Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction' with Rich Walke (CTI for FCIA) - PRESENTATION ONLY
05/25/22 ''I'nstallation & 'I'nspection...and the Short Story on Maintaining Protection' - PRESENTATION ONLY
04/13/22 'Protecting Joints and Voids in Fire-Resistive Construction' - PRESENTATION ONLY
03/15/22 ‘Fire-Resistive Continuity Head-of-Wall Joint Systems’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
02/16/22 ‘The ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM = Safer Buildings for All’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
02/10/22 ‘The ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM in India: Where Does It Fit?’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
01/12/22 ‘Fire Doors Have One Job!’ with Keith Pardoe (Door Safety LLC) – PRESENTATION ONLY – HANDOUT


12/15/21 ‘Barrier Management & Maintaining Protection Code Fundamentals’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
11/23/21 ‘All You Ever Wanted to Know About Fire Doors’ with Keith Pardoe (Door Safety LLC) – PRESENTATION ONLY – HANDOUT
10/19/21 ‘A Deeper Dive Into the Two ‘I’s – ‘I’nstallation and ‘I’nspection’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
09/22/21 ‘The Nuts and Bolts of Fire, Fire/Smoke, Smoke, and Ceiling/Radiation Dampers’ with Kent Maune (Ruskin) – INTRO & PRESENTATION ONLY
08/25/21 ‘Firestop Systems Selection & Analysis with FCIA’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
07/14/21 ‘The ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM: What You Need to Know’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
06/16/21 ‘Fire-Resistance Protection of Swinging Fire Doors’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
05/26/21 ‘Firestopping – Building Codes, Fire Codes, & Specifications’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
04/28/21 ‘Critical Electrical & Communications Circuit Protection’ with Rich Walke (CTI for FCIA) – INTRO & PRESENTATION ONLY
03/31/21 ‘Firestopping & Standards – An In-Depth Look at the Standards and Ratings Used for the Protection of Joints and Voids’ with Rich Walke (CTI for FCIA) – PRESENTATION ONLY
02/17/21 ‘Maintaining Protection of Gypsum Assemblies’ with Kyle Flondor (USG) – PRESENTATION ONLY & INTRO
01/19/21 ‘Firestopping & Standards – An In-Depth Look at the Multiple Ratings of Firestop Systems’ with Rich Walke (CTI for FCIA) – PRESENTATION ONLY & INTRO


12/16/20 ‘Firestopping & Standards – Product and System Suitability for Use’ – PRESENTATION ONLY & INTRO
11/18/20 ‘The ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM – Essential for Safer Buildings’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
10/21/20 ‘Firestopping Inspection’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
09/15/20 ‘Firestopping Inspection’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
08/19/20 ‘Firestopping & Existing Buildings’ with Rich Walke (FCIA) – PRESENTATION ONLY
07/22/20 ‘The History of Standards – Firestopping & More’ with Rich Walke (FCIA) – PRESENTATION ONLY
06/23/20 ‘The FM 4991 Approval Process for Firestop Contractors’ with Joseph Nunes (FM Approvals) – PRESENTATION ONLY
05/27/20 ‘FCIA & COVID-19: Information for Contractors’ with Philip J. Siegel (HPSS), Scott Calhoun (HPSS), and Stephen Phillips (HPSS) – PRESENTATION ONLY
04/29/20 ‘Firestop and UL: The UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, the MACC Program, and Firestop Special Inspection’ with Ruben Sandoval, Jr. (UL) – PRESENTATION with EMBEDDED VIDEO
03/25/20 ‘Fire Codes, Building Codes, and Building Barrier Management – Firestops and More’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
02/12/20 ‘Firestopping, System Design Listings, Properties, and More’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
01/28/20 ‘FCIA’s ‘DIIM’TM – Back to Basics’ – PRESENTATION ONLY


12/18/19 ‘The FCIA Educational Webinar Series: A Year in Review’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
11/20/19 ‘The First Step is Maintenance’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
10/15/19 ‘Fire-Resistance-Rated = Fire Wall…Right?’ PRESENTATION ONLY – Bill Koffel, Koffel Assoc.
09/18/19 ‘FCIA & Identification Systems – Labeling of Firestopping’ PRESENTATION ONLY
08/29/19 ‘Construction Without Oversight’ PRESENTATION ONLY – Bill McHughDouglas Evans, P.E.
07/24/19 ‘Fire Resistance Testing’ – PRESENTATION ONLY – Bill McHughRich Walke, UL
06/26/19 ‘The FM 2991 Approval Proccess for Firestop Contractors’ – PRESENTATION – Bill McHughJoseph Nunes, FM Approvals
05/22/19 ‘FCIA & Identification Systems – Labeling of Firestopping’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
04/17/19 ‘FCIA & Identification Systems – Labeling of Firestopping’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
03/13/19 ‘UL Firestop Programs’ – Bill McHugh , Ruben Sandoval (UL) – RECORDING, PRESENTATION
02/20/19 ‘FCIA & Firestop Inspection’ – PRESENTATION ONLY
01/23/19 ‘FCIA’s ‘DIIM’TM – Back to the Basics’ – PRESENTATION ONLY


12/20/17 Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation – A Year in Review – PRESENTATION ONLY
11/29/17 Who is FCIA? FCIA News, Updates and More & Maintenance & Management – PRESENTATION ONLY
10/17/17 ‘Just What is Required for Certification Under the UL QFCP (Qualified Firestop Contractors Program)?’ – Bill McHughPam Blanchette, Matt Schumann, PRESENTATION ONLY
09/13/17 ‘The ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM Explained – PRESENTATION ONLY
08/23/17 FM 4991 Approved Contractors – What’s that Mean? – Bill McHughJeff Gould, PRESENTATION ONLY
07/19/17 Changes to IBC that Affect YOUR Business! – Bill Koffel, PRESENTATION ONLY
06/14/17 Not Your Father’s Glazing: Understanding the Fire-Rated Glazing of Today – Bill McHughRich Walke – PRESENTATIONS ONLY
05/25/17 Firestop Training Done Right: The FCIA Firestop Containment Worker Education Program – PRESENTATION ONLY
04/12/17 The Facts and Myths About the Fire- and Smoke-Rated Fabric Industry – PRESENTATION ONLY
03/22/17 Firestop Training Done Right: The FCIA Firestop Containment Worker Education Program – PRESENTATION ONLY
02/28/17 REPEAT OF 02-23-17 PROGRAM
02/23/17 If You Build It (Right), They Will Maintain It (Right) – PRESENTATION ONLY
01/25/17 A Study on the ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM – PRESENTATION ONLY