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FCIA Membership provides benefits that show immediate and long-term Member returns. Benefits include the following:

  • FCIA Members Only Discounts on the FCIA Education Program (FEP)

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    FCIA tops the 'Firestopping, Firestop Contractor' search results. averages approximately 50,000 visits per year from General Contractors, Architects, Code Officials, Fire Marshals, and more.

  • FCIA Members receive discounts that pay for membership dues:

  • Advocacy
    FCIA Membership provides finances to promote the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor and Special Inspection concepts in Specs, Codes, and Accreditation Programs.

    • FCIA leadership and Consultants work at NFPA’s Technical Committee on Fire Protection Features, the International Code Council Development process, and national master specification agencies in the US and Canada.

    • Industry Liaison
      FCIA works with NFPA, National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Association of Licensed Architects (ALA), Building Office and Managers Association (BOMA), International Facility Managers Association (IFMA), and other groups to promote the ‘DIIM’ of FirestoppingTM as the best path to fire- and life-safety in buildings.​

    • Industry Presentations
      FCIA Board of Director members, Marketing Committee members, and Staff have presented “The Firestopping Quality Process” and other programs to local, regional, national, and international audiences.


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