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Who We Are…

FCIA is worldwide Association of Firestop Contractors, Inspection Agencies, Manufacturers, Distributors, and more dedicated to the creation, installation, inspection, and maintenance of life-safety firestop systems and effective compartmentation barriers.

FCIA Members are companies that provide services and products to the firestop, barrier management, and fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assembly industries. Through active participation in FCIA and related forums, Members contribute to the advancement of the firestop and effective compartmentation industry and maintain exceptional knowledge of this specialized trade.


FCIA Members are the global experts and providers of life safety passive fire and smoke protection systems.

When firestop products are installed to the Manufacturer’s installation instructions and tested and listed system specs, the installation and inspection services result in an installed firestop or fire-resistance-rated SYSTEM. These fire-resistance-rated or smoke-resistant assemblies play a big role in Building Resilience.

Firestopping, when included as part of fire-resistance-rated or smoke-resistant assemblies, provides:

  • protection against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and from building to building;
  • life-safety protection for building occupants during emergency egress, including those that must be “defended in place”;
  • increased protection of property from fire and smoke damage;
  • and continuity of operations of the structure after a fire event.

FCIA Members are integral to this process. Through this professional commitment to fire- and life-safety, Member Contractors bring considerable value to their customers by enhancing public safety and property protection.


FCIA’s goals since the birth of the association in 1999 have been – and continue to be – focused on building reliability of installed Firestop Systems through the ‘DIIM’ of Firestopping™, as well as focusing on building the Firestop and Effective Compartmentation industry through a variety of additional channels.

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The Future…

FCIA has accomplished a lot since our inception, but we still have a lot of work to do!

As we look to the future, we are focused on adding more Specialty Firestop Contractors to the FM 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor and UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor programs. We continue to work to include the FM and UL-ULC Programs in standards, specs and codes. Having this as a specified qualification will go a long way in convincing purchasers of the value of the Specialty FCIA Member Firestop Contractor concept, thereby making the FCIA Member Firestop Contractor the preferred provider in the construction industry vocabulary.

We continue our pursuit to educate Special Inspection Agencies about becoming accredited and Special Inspection Agency personnel about showing competence through FCIA education and passing the FM or UL-ULC Firestop Exams and the IFC Firestop Exam.

FCIA Member Barrier Management Services providers pursue better reliability through survey and repair of installed firestopping AND the features of fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant effective compartmentation.

Building an industry is a cooperative joint effort that results in safer buildings, and we need your help to get this done. If you are not a member, Join FCIA and get involved to help us continue to convince the industry that the ‘DIIM’ of Firestopping™ is the way to go for firestopping and effective compartmentation.  If you are an FCIA Member, thank you for your commitment.  Continue to stay involved in shaping your industry through Committee participation and leadership.