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For the Association to thrive and grow, it needs good leaders, strong leadership. In 1999, a group of 7 dedicated people came together and charted the direction for the Association that laid the groundwork for sustainable growth and stability for both the Association and the industry. This group was the FCIA Steering Committee. Since then, FCIA Contractor Members have continued to volunteer their time and talents for the FCIA Board of Directors.

FCIA’s Board of Directors is a very diverse and passionate group of Contractors. Each person has chosen to give back to the Association through serving on the Board, participating on Committee(s), and more.


Voting is now open for the 2023 FCIA Board of Directors. 

FCIA is electing TWO people to the 2023 FCIA Board of Directors, to serve from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025.  Board Members volunteer their time, resources, and expertise as a Director.  They are NOT paid for their time.  

Download the 2023 Board of Directors Ballot
In order for your ballot to be valid, YOU MUST VOTE FOR TWO CANDIDATES.  Ballots submitted with only one or three votes or without a candidate selected will be destroyed.
Ballots must contain the FCIA Voting Member Company name and the voter’s name and signature.
Each Voting Member Company is entitled to ONE vote. (Contractor Branch, Associate, and Manufacturer Members are not eligible to vote.)
If more than one ballot is received from a Voting Member Company, the first complete ballot received will be the official vote submitted, and all others will be destroyed.

STEP 1: REVIEW the attached Candidate Spotlights and view each Candidate’s Video Profile.  Contact the candidate for additional information, if needed.


STEP 2: VOTE one of two ways: 
FAX, SCAN/EMAIL, or MAIL FOR RECEIPT NO LATER THAN 5 pm CDT, Tuesday, November 1, 2022;
or IN-PERSON FOR RECEIPT NO LATER THAN 8 am EDT Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

To Submit Your Ballot:
FAX to +1 708-449-0837  
MAIL to FCIA, 4415 W. Harrison, Ste 540, Hillside, IL   60162  USA

For more information or with questions about the FCIA Board of Directors voting process, please call the FCIA office at +1 708-202-1108.


FCIA 2022 Board of Directors

L-R: Jerry Dugan, Jr (President), Ben Urcavich (Past President), Mark Dietz (Treasurer), Tyler Ferguson (Vice President), Alan Mcdurmon (Secretary), 
Gus Mancini (Director), Tracy Smith (Director), Scott Rankin (Director). NOT PICTURED: Jay McGuire (Past President).

Prior to serving on the Board, FCIA Board Members:

  • Donate time for the good of the Firestopping industry and FCIA;
  • Regularly attend FCIA Conferences and understand FCIA activities through active involvement;
  • Participate on and Chair FCIA Committees;
  • Understand industry issues including Accreditation, Apprenticeship, Code, Standards, Technical, Legislative and more.

Additionally, Board Members are required to regularly attend teleconferences and four Board meetings per year. (Board meetings are held quarterly at various locations around the US.)

We are always looking for Firestop Contractor leaders who want to help the industry grow and develop, who want to donate their time and talents to the Association for the betterment of the Firestop & Effective Compartmentation industry. If that describes you, then FCIA’s Board wants you! Get involved today!


The FCIA honors Past Presidents, Steering Committee Members and Past Boards for their dedication to the industry and the Association. For more information on Past Boards, visit the Board of Directors Archives.