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How Does My Company Get UL-ULC Qualified?

Becoming a UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor is a process consisting of several steps. Completing the program from application to accreditation can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more depending on various factors, including the readiness of the company, how fast a Management System (MS) and a Management System Manual can be built (if not already in place), and UL-ULC’s audit schedule.

Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors can pursue accreditation under the UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program by following the steps below, also outlined in the UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program Requirements.

1. Write a company Management System Manual and implement the Management System (MS)

Companies pursuing UL-ULC QFC qualification must have a Management System Manual and operational procedures in place within their organization.

UL has a UL-ULC Management System Checklist available to reference when writing your company’s MS Manual, as well as the UL Management System e-Learning Program.

Additionally, FCIA has a template for FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Member Contractors to use to build a Management System. FCIA’s Management System Template is available free to FCIA Contractor Members to help get this process started. FCIA Members access the template in the Members Only section. Learn more about FCIA Membership Benefits.

2. Pass the UL-ULC Firestop Exam.

The UL-ULC Firestop Exam is a 125+ question comprehensive exam based on the UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program Requirements and Checklist, the FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice (MOP), the UL Online Certification Directory, and firestop listings.

The FCIA MOP covers a variety of areas of the firestop industry, including but not limited to the UL-ULC Program requirements, installation, systems selection and analysis, inspection, code requirements, and more.

To prepare for the exam, study the UL-ULC QFC Program Requirements and Checklist AND the FCIA MOP, and review listings from the UL Online Certification Directory, Product iQ. Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors operating in Canada must be prepared to write the ULC Firestop Exam, which includes the Canadian supplement, so they must also review the NRC Best Practice Guide to Fire Stops.

A score of 80% or better is required for passing. The UL-ULC Firestop Exam is offered at all FCIA Conferences and Symposiums in the US, Canada, and the Middle East.

For more information and to order the FCIA MOP, contact the FCIA Office.

3. Pass an UL-ULC audit of the company’s implemented Management System at the company’s facility and a visit by the UL-ULC Auditor to at least one jobsite to verify that the MS is implemented in the fiend.

The UL-ULC Auditor will review the MS Manual prior to the initial audit and will identify any potential areas of nonconformity, discussing and resolving any known issues with the company. Among the items reviewed are the company’s Management System, including systems, processes, and procedures, and selection and installation of Classified Firestop Systems.

For more information on the UL-ULC Audit requirements, refer to the UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program Requirements.

4. Appoint a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) from your company to oversee the operations of the company and the UL-ULC program.

The DRI is the individual from the company who passed the UL-ULC Firestop Exam and is designated by the company. This person is responsible for the in-house maintenance of the firestopping Management System. This individual is also required to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three (3) years or must retake the UL-ULC Firestop Exam to maintain DRI Status.

5. Complete payment to UL-ULC

The UL-ULC Firestop Contractor Program is a voluntary third-party accreditation program. There is an initial cost associated with the program, payable directly to UL-ULC, as well as an annual fee for participation. CLICK HERE for more information on UL-ULC QFC Program fees and to Request a Quote to Become UL-ULC Qualified.