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How Does My Company Stay UL-ULC Qualified?

Once a company is UL-ULC Qualified, the process does not end there. Annual follow-up audits of the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor company’s home office and a jobsite(s) will be conducted by a UL-ULC representative. Additional audits may be required.

Additionally, the DRI must EITHER earn at least six (6) CEU’s or sixty (60) contact hours of industry-specific continuing education every three (3) years OR pass a written examination.

If the DRI HAS NOT accumulated at least six (6) CEUs or sixty (60) hours of continuing education within this timeframe, the DRI will need to take the full examination.

CEUs can be earned several ways and must be reported to UL-ULC via the
DRI Recertification by Continuing Education Application.

Some options for earning CEUs are:

  1. Attend the full FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference, FCIA Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show, and Symposiums
  2. Attend FCIA Educational Webinars
  3. Attend industry-related seminars and educational programs offered by accredited colleges, universities, and other providers of adult education where the topics covered are life-safety, loss prevention, building codes, and other construction related topics at the discretion of UL-ULC
  4. Present to Specifiers, Building Officials, Fire Marshals, and Code Officials where the DRI is the instructor (CEUs are awarded only for the first-time a body of knowledge is presented. Additional presentations using the same or similar content are not eligible for CEUs.) — Maximum of two (2) CEUs earned through instruction
  5. First-time on-the-job industry-related work experience — Maximum of one (1) CEU earned through first-time on-the-job work experience
  6. Maintain active membership in an industry-related professional organization — Maximum of one (1) CEU earned through membership

1 CEU = 10 hours of industry-specific continuing education