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FCIA Committees are organized groups of FCIA Member volunteers from all membership classifications working together on various pieces of Association business, from Codes and Standards development to Marketing outreach and more. Committees meet annually at the FCIA Education & Committee Action Conference in the Spring, as well as several times per year via teleconference, webinar, and email.

Committee Name Chair Phone Number
Accreditation Ben Urcavich, DRI (UL) (920) 471-2282
Advisory Ben Urcavich, DRI (UL) (920) 471-2282
Apprenticeship - Committee Inactive    
Canada John Sharpe (416) 293-0993
Code Tracy Smith, DRI (UL) (480) 752-8550
Education Tyler Ferguson, DRI (FM) (207) 282-4136
Finance Scott Rankin, DRI (UL) (609) 890-0036
Inspection Gus Mancini, DRI (FM, UL) (508) 553-0800
International Task Group Ben Urcavich, DRI (UL) (920) 471-2282
Legislative - Committee Inactive    
Life Safety Digest Scott Rankin, DRI (FM) (609) 890-0036
Marketing Ben Urcavich, DRI (UL) (920) 471-2282
Membership Mark Dietz (763) 571-7464
Middle East    
Program Alan Mcdurmon (678) 817-5400
  David Mistler, DRI (FM) (972) 446-2600
Standards Jay McGuire, DRI (UL) (937) 849-9055
Technical & Education Committee
(TE Committee)
 - Committee Inactive
Bob Hasting, DRI (UL) (360) 882-3068
TE Task Group: FCIA Firestop
Manual of Practice (MOP)
Ken Slama, DRI (UL) (204) 777-0100

We’re always looking for engaged, enthusiastic volunteers to serve on FCIA Committees. Make your voice count. Participate on an FCIA Committee, and make a difference in your industry. Committees members are appointed to committees by the FCIA Board of Directors. Contact Committee Chairs to learn more and join…we need everyone to be successful.