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Lindsey Dutkiewicz
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ECA ’20 Goes Virtual

On April 21-24, FCIA Members and some non-members tuned in for the first-ever Virtual ECA ’20, four days of two-hour webinars on various aspects of firestop education. Read more in the May issue of the FCIA Newsletter, including a highlight of sessions:

  • Economics with Anirban Basu (Sage Policy Group)
  • Air and Smoke Movement with Chris Kusel (HILTI)
  • Fire-Resistance and Existing Buildings with Bill McHugh & Rich Walke (FCIA)
  • Expansion Joints with Steve Cooper (CSW-Balco/Rectorseal)
  • Barrier Management Symposium: Test Standards with Rich Walke (FCIA)
  • Endothermic Technology with Samantha Peterson (3M)
  • Barrier Management Symposium: Codes with Bill Koffel (Koffel Associates)
  • Firestopping Health Care Facilities with Kelly Mason & Doug Erickson (STI)
  • FCIA New Initiative with Ben Urcavich (2020 FCIA Board President)
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Why Use A Specialty Firestop Contractor?

Cables, pipes of all types, expansion, and building perimeter joints all make breaches in fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies. When breaches that allow penetrations to pass through and joints that allow for movement are required, FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor Members are the “go to” companies to look for. FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor Member companies specialize in this highly technical service that protects people, property, and continuity of building operations. They understand how to analyze conditions, correctly select listed firestop SYSTEMS, then install the firestop systems with the utmost attention to detail.

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Why Use A Special Inspection Agency?

FCIA Firestop Special Inspection Agency Members strive to be the best at inspecting highly technical firestop systems. These FCIA Member Inspection Agencies assess the installation of the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor against the tested and listed system listing that was used to build the firestop system.  Competent, third-party independent inspection by FCIA Firestop Special Inspection Agency Members with the proper equipment, competent personnel, and practical industry experience adds an integral quality check on the firestop installation process. Insist on FCIA Firestop Special Inspection Agencies that know when the installation is right or wrong.

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FCIA members span the globe provided services and materials that uphold the highest level of standards.

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Need Barrier Management Services?

Building Owners and Managers are required by the International Fire Code, NFPA 101, NFPA 1, the National Fire Code of Canada, UAE Fire and Life Safety Code, and other codes to maintain all types of fire-resistance rated and smoke resistant assemblies for the life of the building.

Members who offer these specialized services can register for inclusion in these lists.

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You’ve invested in your company. FCIA has invested in building your industry.

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