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Congrats to our 2024 FCIA Board of Directors leaders - Gus Mancini (Vice President), Joe Wilkinson (Secretary), and Mark Dietz (Treasurer)!  Looking forward to big things from this group of changemakers!


The FCIA Board of Directors meets this week to tackle industry issues, focus the direction of the Association, and work on developing future goals for the Association and industry.  We appreciate the time and talents of this group of volunteers who consistently show their commitment to improved fire and life safety around the world!


What a great start to 2024 - another awesome FCIA webinar!

Did you miss 'The Future Looks 'DIIM'...and That's Good!' with Rich Walke (CTI) and Bill McHugh (FCIA) today?  That's ok!  Find the presentation - and so many others - in our Webinar Archive!


Happy New Year, from FCIA!  Can't wait for all the exciting things coming this year for the fire and life safety industry!  Thanks so much for supporting FCIA and improved fire and life safety in buildings around the world!


Happy holidays to our friends near and far!  In honor of the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the FCIA Office will be closed December 25-26 and December 29-January 1.  May your holidays be merry and filled with cheer.  See you next year!


We've got BIG Buddy the Elf energy because registration for ECA '24 is finally here!  


Maya Angelou once said, "Do the best you can, until you know better.  Then, when you know better, do better."  As a Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor, it is expected that we ARE better. From the top down, owner to field workers, we have a responsibility to be the experts in firestopping and effective compartmentation that others aren't.  And the FCIA Education Program can help you and your team get there. 


Did you know that you can join FCIA now and not have to renew until January 2025?  It's our New Member Promo!  Join today and get the rest of 2023 and ALL of 2024 for the low, low price of $1725 USD!

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It's Time For The Firestop!

The newest issue of the FCIA newsletter is finally here, and it's bursting with great information for FCIA members and those interested in fire and life safety!  Read It Online


Thanks to all who joined us for today's webinar, 'The Dos and Don'ts of Maintaining Fire Doors' with Laura Frye Weaver, DAHC, CDC, CFDAI, QFDT, QFDI, QDOC.  Always a pleasure partnering with Laura for a Fire Door program!

Missed it?  That's ok!  Find this Presentation - and so many others - in our Archives!


Why FCIA?  Because FCIA is the global leader in the advocacy for and development of the firestop industry.  Since 1999, we've been leading the charge to grow awareness and requirements for installation by a single-source Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor.  And we'll keep at it for as long as it takes to protect buildings and occupants around the globe through the 'DIIM' of Firestopping for improved fire and life safety.

It's time to embrace your inner leader and join the FCIA movement.  Join Now


Why should you exhibit at FCIA's FIC '23?

1. Networking Opportunities. (Customers.)

2. Increased Exposure. (Customers.)

3. Brand Awareness. (Customers.)

4. Credibility Building. (Customers.)

5. Lead Generation.

Oh, and did we mention all the customers? Owners. General Managers. C-Suite. Superintendents. Inspectors.

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Did You Know…Passive fire protection is found in all types of building occupancies, from Healthcare & Hospitals to Government and high-rise buildings.

Passive fire protection, including properly installed firestop systems and barrier management, provide defend-in-place tactics when called upon by fire - and smoke protection - and are essential to protecting life and property when quick egress for a multitude of people is not possible.

FCIA Members know firestopping and are your best - and safest - bet for properly installed firestop systems.


Did You Know…Passive fire protection is more than just red goop in a hole.

Barrier Management Services, such as Fire Doors and Photoluminescent Markings, are critical to ‘M’aintaining Protection (the ‘M’ in the ‘DIIM’ of Firestopping) in existing buildings.

Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors understand this and provide these essential services.

Find a Barrier Management Services provider at!


State Fire Marshals...look out, here we come!

Patrick Hord (M.B. Haynes) and Bill McHugh (FCIA) are spreading the good 'DIIM' word at the NASFM Annual Conference!

Properly 'D'esigned, 'I'nstalled, 'I'nspected, and 'M'aintained firestopping saves lives and property!


Did You Know…The #1 reason the specs are not upheld is because no one requires it.  The #2 reason?  Trades self-performing the work.  Firestopping and Barrier Management is a highly specialized trade best performed by a Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor who knows all the nuances of this highly technical trade.  FCIA Members know it best!


The newest issue of The Firestop, the FCIA newsletter, is finally here and is bursting with great information for FCIA members and those interested in fire and life safety!  Check it out!


Did You Know…When specifications requiring third-party accredited FM 4991 Approved and/or UL QFCP Firestop Contractors are held, Building Owners and Managers can count on the fact that firestop systems were installed properly, resulting in safer buildings.  But, Firestop Contractors report that those specs are only held 50% of the time.

Holding fire and life safety specifications is critical to preservation of life and property.  Get the 07-84-00 single-source firestop spec for FREE


In honor of the US Independence Day holiday, the FCIA Office will be closed Tuesday, July 4.  We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, July 5.  Have a great holiday!


Did You Know…Firestop Special Inspection is for many building types. Period.  Fire and life safety isn’t just for hospitals.

FCIA Special Inspection Member companies are your best and most qualified choice for Third-Party Special Inspection Agencies. Look at the list.


Did You Know…The biggest challenges about Special Inspection is inconsistent or untrained inspectors? Properly trained and educated Special Inspectors at Special Inspection Agencies are crucial.

FCIA Special Inspection Agency Members do it right! Find one near you


Special thanks to Ron Geren (RLGA Technical Services) for presenting today's webinar 'The 07 84 00 Firestop Spec'.  It's great having so many influential partners promoting the importance of proper firestopping for fire and life safety!

Check out the presentation here!


Did You Know…Third-Party Special Inspection of installed Firestop Systems provides increased accountability for Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor companies and delivers a safer building with improved fire and life safety.

FCIA Members do it best!  Find a member near you


Thanks so much to everyone who joined us - faculty and attendees - last week at ECA '23!  Sessions and the discussions they sparked were inspiring, from the keynote session on the importance of mental health to the panel discussions on perimeter fire containment and sustainabiity, the whole week really focused on the future of the firestop industry.  Check out the event photos here!


The FCIA Certificate of Achievement Education Program (FCAEP) is the ONLY education program in the world created BY Firestop Contractors FOR Firestop Contractors and Special Inspection Agency personnel.  It's a Master Class in firestopping and effective compartmentation. It's the education you need for you and your workforce to further deepen and establish your expertise in your trade.

And only FCIA Members have access.

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Registration is open for 'The Firestopping Joints Primer Program' webinar.  Attend this session to learn more about the fire test standards used to evaluate the methods for protecting fire-resistant joint systems, perimeter fire containment systems, continuity head-of-wall systems, along with the prescriptive requirement for protecting other voids.

When: May 17, 2023
Time: 10:00 am CDT

Register Today


What's better than three days in the Big Easy jam-packed with buzzworthy sessions, engaging networking, and beignets?

Saving Money!

And the only way for you to SAVE MONEY on ECA '23 registration is by registering by April 17!  Don't miss out. Register Today so you can buy more beignets.


FCIA is offering one scholarship up to $7500 USD for the 2023-2024 academic year to a current Sophomore, Junior or Graduate student enrolled in Fire Protection Engineering or Construction Management.  In addition, the winner will be our guest at FIC '23, the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show, in Albuquerque, NM on October 25 (includes travel and up to 2 night hotel stay).

All persons who meet the criteria above who satisfy the eligibility requirements and submit a complete application by April 14, 2023, irrespective of race, gender, creed or national origin, will be considered.

Apply Today!


Thanks to everyone who attended 'Is That A Fire Barrier?' with Bill Koffel (Koffel Associates) today.  We had a HUGE group on the program - 350+!  Guess the questions of what constitutes a Fire Barrier and how you identify and treat one are relevant ones!  Find the Presentation Online.


What is FCIA?

FCIA is Advocacy.

Advocacy for the industry, for the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor, for Special Inspection of firestopping.

FCIA leadership and consultants work closely with NFPA, ICC, ASTM, UL, FM, Master Spec, NRC, NASFM, CSI, CSC, and others to promote the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor and Special Inspection in Specs, Codes, and Accreditation Programs.

Learn more about how FCIA works for you to promote you and further the firestop industry



FCIA Members are Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors and Special Inspection Agencies, Manufacturers, Consultants, and Distributors around the world all dedicated to the creation, installation, inspection, and maintenance of life safety firestop systems.  FCIA Members specialize in this highly technical trade that protects people, property, and continuity of building operations. They are the experts in this field.

If this sounds like you, find out how to jump into the FCIA story and be part of the FCIA movement.


Thank you to all who attended today's webinar, 'Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance of Life Safety Dampers', with Michael Bulzomi (Greenheck).  We had a HUGE crowd on the line today and great audience participation and questions.  There is always much to be learned from industry experts, and we're so proud to partner with the best!

Presentation slides from today's program can be found in the Presentations Archive.


IFMA's World Workplace® is where all workplace professionals come to discover innovative FM technologies, build valuable relationships and sharpen essential skills.  FCIA is proud to partner once again with IFMA for this innovative event this September 27-29 in Denver, Colorado.

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Thank you to all our friends and supporters in Dubai, UAE for attending the FCIA Existing Building Fire-Resistance Symposium!  Thank you, also, to Emirates Safety Laboratory, UL Solutions, and Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants for partnering to provide a dynamite program!  We love getting to see our friends in Dubai come together to improve fire and life safety in the built-environment in the Gulf Region.


Happy Valentine's Day from FCIA!  Show your favorite Firestop Contractor or Special Inspection Agency some love today!


It's here!  Registration for ECA '23 is Now Open!  

FCIA's ECA '23 brings together industry experts and firestop professionals to further the advancement of fire and life safety.  It's where firestop industry professionals come to become firestop industry crusaders.  Your armor is waiting. Your future is calling. Will you put it on and join the charge this May?

Learn More and Register


Have you heard?  FCIA is partnering with the Oman Fire, Safety and Security Event (OFSEC) again!

Learn more


It's time for The FireStop, the FCIA Newsletter!  For the latest news and happenings from FCIA and the firestop industry, read it online!


The 2023 FCIA Board of Directors met this week to lay out the direction and focus for the year, outlining some lofty goals for the Association this year.  You'd better bet FCIA will be working hard to advocate for the Firestop industry this year and beyond!


Did You Know...the best place to find a Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor, Special Inspection Agency, or Barrier Management Services provider is the FCIA Member Lists?  Search by specialty, by area, by accreditation status.  If you're looking for an expert in the firestop industry, look no further!  You'll find them at!


Thanks to everyone who attended 'The 'DIIM' of Firestopping for Safer Buildings' today.  The two-hour session was a big hit, and the Q&A session at the end had some great discussion-sparking questions!

Missed it?  Find the Presentation in the Presentations Archive.  Look for your Certificate of Attendance in the next 14 days.


Registration is NOW OPEN for TWO - that's right TWO - FCIA events in the MENA Region!

5-6 February 2023 - Doha, Qatar
14-15 February 2023 - Dubai, UAE

Learn More Today!


FCIA was sad to hear of the passing of Jim Shriver (Thermafiber).  Jim was a long-time supporter of the FCIA and was a friend to many in the Association and industry.  He will be missed.


Happy New Year from FCIA!  Can't wait to see the exciting things 2023 brings for the firestop industry! Thanks so much for your continued support and commitment to fire and life safety around the world!


Happy Holidays from FCIA!

In honor of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the FCIA Office will be closed December 23-26 and December 30-January 2.

See you in 2023!


Making plans for 2023?  Be sure to include FCIA Conferences and Symposiums in your plans! 
FCIA Doha Symposium - 5-6 February 2023 - Doha, Qatar
FCIA Dubai Symposium - 14-15 February 2023 - Dubai, UAE
ECA '23 - May 9-12, 2023 in New Orleans, LA
FCIA Canada Symposium - September 2023 - TBD
FIC '23 - October 24-27, 2023 in Albuquerque, NM


The FCIA webinar, 'FCIA in Action', originally scheduled for December 14 has been rescheduled to December 21.


Ever wonder how the FCIA President's Memorial Scholarship Fund gets funded?  Through the support and donations at the FCIA Memorial Golf Tournament, of course!  This year's event had new sponsorship opportunities, which raised enough to fund two scholarships for Fire Protection Engineering students in 2023!  Thanks to all who donated and supported this worthy cause!


At FCIA’s FIC ’22 Conference, FCIA Member Firestop Product Manufacturers and UL presented a new program for improving the engineering judgment development process. The program, called the UL Technical Evaluation Developer Program for Engineering Judgements, was developed with Firestop Manufacturer input and has some similarities to the UL Contractor Qualification Programs.  Requirements include EJ development procedures, EJ developer training and continuing education, random testing of EJs by manufacturers/UL, and a lot more. This evolving “Technical Evaluation” program is now available with most features already in place.  Watch for more as we learn it.


Did you know that FCIA Standards Chair Jay McGuire is leading the charge for an ASTM Firestop Identification Standard (Labeling)?  Firestopping is not required to have factory-stamped product markings because it’s field fabricated. Having the system (listing) number at the penetration, joint, or perimeter fire containment assembly speeds special inspection and maintenance in new construction and through the building life cycle. We hope to ballot the document in January ’23.


In honor of the US Thanksgiving holiday, the FCIA Office will be closed November 24-25.  We will resume normal business hours on November 28.


The FCIA Presidential Award is awarded to an individual for outstanding service to the Association, the industry, peers, and more.  This one of FCIA's most prestigious awards and is not necessarily awarded every year. Congratulations to Scott Rankin (American National Insulation dba Insulation Contractors) for being this year's recipient of the 2022 FCIA Presidential Award!  His 20+ years of service and mentorship in the industry is appreciated and valued.  The award could not have been more well-deserved.


Thanks to all who tuned in to today's webinar, 'Life Safety Dampers', with Michael Bulzomi (Greenheck).  The session was fast-moving and informative.  Stay tuned for more info on 'Life Safety Dampers - Part 2', coming soon in 2023.

Missed the session?  Find the Presentation Here.  


FIC '22 is wrapped, and what a week it was!  From the dynamite agenda and expert speaker to the interactive trade show with new exhibitors and the spectacular location, this year's event was definitely one to remember.  FCIA Members can find the presentations in the Members Only area.

Thanks to all who attended, all who presented, and all who contributed to the success of this event.  See you in NOLA in May '23!


Thank you to everyone who attended last week's FCIA Existing Building Fire-Resistance Symposium in Vancouver, BC.  And special thanks to our faculty for preparing - and delivering - a superb educational event for the building industry in Vancouver!

Find the presentations in the Presentations Archive


What a great event we had in Vancouver, BC for the Existing Building Fire-Resistance Symposium!

With the incredibly active building boom in Vancouver, it's even more important to be educating the marketplace on the importance of properly 'D'esigned, 'I'nstalled, 'I'nspected, and 'M'aintained firestopping and effective compartmentation.  It saves lives, people!

Thanks to our speakers and panelists, including reps from HILTI, STI, Aquatherm, IPEX, and UL Solutions. It's such a nice feeling when the experts come together for the betterment of the industry.




The FCIA Contractor and Special Inspection Agency Member...


Congrats to our 2024 FCIA Board of Directors leaders -...


The FCIA Board of Directors meets this week to tackle...


What a great start to 2024 - another awesome FCIA...


Happy New Year, from FCIA!  Can't wait for all...


The Winter '23 issue of Life Safety Digest has...


It's webinar time!  Register today for 'The...


Happy holidays to our friends near and far!  In...


It's here!  It's finally here!  The...


We've got BIG Buddy the Elf energy because...


Looking for firestop education you can do in your...


Maya Angelou once said, "Do the best you can, until...


Thanks so much to everyone who attended FIC '23 in...


Thanks to everyone who attended today's webinar,...


The Fall issue of Life Safety Digest is here!  Read...


Did you know that you can join FCIA now and not have to...


It's Time For The Firestop! The newest issue of...


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Thanks to all who joined us for today's webinar,...


Why FCIA?  Because FCIA is the global leader in the...