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8 Dec 2022

The UL MACC Master Certificate

by: Lindsey Dutkiewicz

Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors looking to provide additional value to Building Owners should look at the UL Master Certificate of Compliance (MACC).  The project-specific MACC is provided by the UL Qualified Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor to the Building Owner.  Issued after a successful onsite UL Audit of the firestop installation contractor’s management system, the Master Certificate of Compliance provides assurance to the Building Owner that processes were followed at that specific jobsite.  Because it is annually renewable after the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor visually inspects the building, the MACC Certificate provides the building owner with a tool to show Fire Marshals as evidence of compliance with the annual visual inspection of firestopping required in the International Fire Code.

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