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The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada documents state, ‘State it once, refer to section when needed from other sections’.

Penetrations, Joints and Perimeter Fire Containment in One Section – 07-84-00 –

FCIA ASTM/UL Standards Firestopping Specification:
FCIA Canada Standards Specification – English
FCIA Canada Specification – French – Updated September 2019

As a service to the industry, FCIA offers the FCIA Manual of Practice* FREE to:

  • Architects with Design Firms
  • Specifiers in practice with Architectural Firms
  • Governmental AHJ Building Officials
  • Governmental AHJ Fire Marshals, Fire Service, and Fire Officials
  • Government Officials

To see if you qualify, email, including name, job title, company, address, phone, fax and email.

*Note: The FCIA Firestop Materials & Systems Guide Manual is NOT part of the FREE MOP offer.