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How Does My Company Stay FM 4991 Approved?

Once a company is FM 4991 Approved, the process does not end there. Annual follow-up audits of the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor company’s home office and a jobsite(s) will be conducted by an FM Approvals representative. Additional audits may be required.  To begin the process, complete the FM Approved Products-Specification-Tested Revision Request Form and submit it to FM Approvals.

Additionally, the DRI must earn at least six (6) CEU’s or forty-eight (48) Learning Units (LUs) every three (3) years PLUS pass a written re-examination.

If the DRI HAS NOT accumulated at least six (6) CEUs or forty-eight (48) LUs within this timeframe, the DRI will need to take the full examination.

If the DRI earns at least nine (9) CEUs or seventy-two (72) LUs during the three (3) year period, the re-exam requirement will be waived.

For more information, contact the FCIA Office.



LUs can be earned several ways and must be reported to FM Approvals.

Some options for earning LUs are:

  1. Attend the full FCIA Conferences – 12 LUs
  2. Attend FCIA Educational Webinars – 1 LU for each hour attended
  3. Attend a Fire Protection Conference, NFPA Seminar, International Code Council, AIA, ALA, Construction Specifications Institute national or local chapter meetings where the topics covered are loss prevention, fire containment, building codes and other construction related topics at the discretion of FM Approvals – 1 LU for each hour attended
  4. Attend FCIA Total Fire Protection Systems Symposium – Up to 12 LUs
  5. Attend FCIA Effective Compartmentation Symposiums – Up to 12 LUs

1 LU = 1 contact hour of industry-specific continuing education