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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

Program Committee

Jerry Dugan, Jr., DRI (FM) (432) 367-8200 Firestopping Specialist
Vice Chair:    
David Mistler, DRI (FM) (972) 446-2600 Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing Co.
Scott Rankin, DRI (FM) (609) 890-0036 Top Build - Insulation Contractors (ICI)

Taylor Benay (207) 282-7697 Northeast Firestopping Solutions
John Chiangi, DRI (FM) (860) 464-1991 Brand Services

Jodi Clem

(925) 667-2088 PREVENT Life Safety Services
Chris Downey, DRI (UL) (919) 544-0837 C.L. Downey Construction, Inc.
Kelly Hasting, DRI (UL) (503) 233-9784 Specialty Firestop Systems, Inc.
Eric Keeton, DRI (FM) (937) 318-8053

Dalton Protection

Ben Urcavich, DRI (FM, UL) (920) 471-2282 Performance Firestop, Inc.
David White, DRI (FM, UL) (337) 981-3312 D.W. Firestopping
Joe Wilkinson, DRI (FM) (443) 928-2379 ARC Firestop Solutions

Program Committee Charter

The Program Committee works with FCIA Staff to choose topics and locations for "FCIA's Education and Committee Action Conference" held in spring and the "FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show", held each fall.


Committee Update

The FCIA Progam Committee continues to work together to plan great educational sessions for FCIA's Education and Committee Action (ECA) Conference and Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show (FIC).  Watch the FCIA Events Page for current agendas, dates, and more.

Committee News February 28, 2010

The FCIA Progam Committee met via teleconference and meets face to face to choose locations and assemble the agenda for the FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference, April 27 to May 1, 2010 and the Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show November 9 - 12, 2010.  Look for updates frequently on the Events page!

Terry Minton, Eric Keeton, Tony Fontana, Chris Downey, Tom Hotternoth and Scott Rankin plan future conference activities. Jodi Clem, Chair, not shown.

Committee News January 10, 2009

The FCIA Progam Committee had a successful 2009, with record attendance at both conferences.  In fact, the Key Biscayne Conference was 50% larger than anticipated. Education sessions were well received.  Check out the archives, at the Events page.

Information updated Feb. 15, 2008

FCIA's Program Committee met via teleconference to plan topics for 2008's conferences, and locations for 2009.  The committee welcomed Jodi Clem, Prevent, CA to the group, and had a productive meeting.

The FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference, Seattle WA in April and the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show November, 2008 in San Antonio, TX are to have lots going on...don't miss anything! 

Visit the FCIA Events page for specifics.

Information updated on Feb 15, 2007

2006 FCIA Program Committee - Bob LeClair & Scott Rankin, Chairs

FCIA's 2006 Conferences in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Charleston, SC, were very well attended. The technical content from speakers provided an excellent venue for developing and renewing offerred the opportunity for some fun. Agenda's from 2006 are archived in the Events Page, while pictures reside in the FCIA Photo Album, also on

The Primary Goals for 2007's FCIA Program Committee is to assemble great programming at conferences to help the FCIA Member grow their understanding of our effective compartmentationa and firestopping industry, which will provide tools to grow their businesses.

Through rotating the site of confereneces, these events serve existing membership and provide a venue to recruit new membership in regions where FCIA has little representation. The group has also had a goal of keeping the conferences reasonably priced in comparison with other association events in closely associated industries.

FCIA's Program Committee has already met to pick the locations for 2007, and has generated several seminar ideas that will result in the 2007 FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference and FCIA Firestop Industry Conference and Trade Show.


Scott Rankin, FCIA 2005 Program Committee Chair

The FCIA "Education and Committee Action Conference" gives FCIA Members an opportunity to be educated on key industry topics and perform important committee work. The fall FCIA "Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show" allows members to be educated on key industry topics while featuring a "seminar" style program format, with opportunities for direct interaction with industry leaders.

The Program Committee is currently planning the FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 26 - 28, 2006. And, the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show is scheduled for November 8-10, 2006 in the Charleston, SC area. Both programs will include educational speakers, committee meetings and the opportunity to earn 1 CEU Credit for FM 4991 DRI's. At the Firestop Industry Conference, the Firestop Industry Awards Dinner caps off the year for FCIA. Watch the FCIA website for more details

We always welcome new program ideas from FCIA Members. And, the group can always use new committee members.

Please fill out our feedback form (topic 'committees') to join the committee.

Email Scott Rankin, ( FCIA Program Committee Chair with suggestions for FCIA Conference Topics.

List of Committees