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FCIA Members are companies that provide services and products to the Firestop and Fire-Resistance-Rated and Smoke-Resistant Assembly industries. When firestop products are installed to the Manufacturer’s installation instructions and tested and listed system specs, the installation and inspection services result in an installed Firestop or Fire-Resistance-Rated SYSTEM. FCIA Members are integral to this process.

For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you. FM 4991 Approved Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors demonstrate that their company complies with an international standard for quality of firestop installations. This program not only raises the quality of work being done, but it also provides ongoing compliance due to annual audits by FM Approvals. Further, they improve Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor operations, resulting in better installations and safer buildings. For the most up-to-date list of FM 4991 Approved Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors visit the FM Approval Guide.

For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you. From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.

Competent, third-party independent inspection by Firestop Special Inspection Agency Companies with the proper equipment, competent personnel and experience adds an integral quality check of the Firestop installation process.

Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Survey companies provide a visual survey by a professional company that understands the system listings and manufacturers' instructions. All around the world, codes require annual visual inspection - survey - of all fire-resistance-rated assemblies, including walls, floors, firestopping, rolling and swinging fire doors, fire and smoke dampers, fire-rated glazing, and SFRM and IFRM Fireproofing. Barrier Survey companies help the building owner and manager build the required documentation and inventory needed to comply with code requirements and to maintain the building's compartmentation and fire- and smoke-resistance-rated assemblies, thereby maximizing safety for both the building and its occupants and minimizing property damage.

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All major codes require continuously functioning fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assembles. Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Management Contractors maintain, repair or replace fire-resistance-rated or smoke-resistant assembles in buildings. They provide inventory documentation for the building owner as required by codes. Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Management Contractors work with Firestop Systems, Fire Dampers, Fire-Rated Glazing, Rolling and Swinging Fire-Doors, Fire-resistance-rated and smoke resistant Walls and Horizontal assemblies , plus SFRM and or IFRM Fireproofing. Smoke fire barriers, fire-partitions, smoke barriers, smoke partitions, fire walls, fire separations and fire-resistance-rated horizontal assemblies and exterior walls - these contractors do it all. Contact Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Management Services Members to survey, install, repair and maintain the components of fire resistance rated and smoke resistant assemblies.

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When fire-resistance-rated walls and floors are breached by penetrating items such as ducts, pipes, cables, and joints, the fire- and smoke-resistance-rated qualities of these assemblies may be compromised. To ensure continuity of protection, the best practice is to visually survey ALL of these assemblies annually. In fact, some codes require it. Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Repair Contractors schedule and perform all of these required repairs, then document completed repairs in an inventory that the building owner and manager can manage for the building life cycle.

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Firestop Systems are complex SYSTEMS of firestop system material components installed together as part of a tested and listed system and installed to the Firestop System Manufacturer's installation instructions. Openings made in walls and horizontal assemblies for new pipe or cable systems, result in an area where fire and smoke can spread, thereby compromising the fire- and smoke-resistance-rated properties of these walls and horizontal assemblies. Firestop System Manufacturers design and manufacturer fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistance-rated firestop and effective compartmentation products and systems. Firestop System Contractors service buildings to install and repair new and existing firestopping, as well as provide documentation and inventory records of installed firestop systems.

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Fire, smoke, and combination fire/smoke dampers installed in barriers and fire separations are designed to resist fire and smoke spread through and around the ductwork of heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems. When correctly installed to the tested and listed system specs and manufacturer's installation instructions, provide critical compartmentalization as part of a complete passive fire protection system. NFPA 80 specifies that fire, smoke, and fire/smoke dampers be tested at commissioning, then again one-year after service, and then every 6 years in hospitals and every 4 years in all other occupancies. Passive Fire Protection - Fire and Smoke Damper Contractors provide documentation and inventory, inspection, survey, installation, and repair services for this critical piece of passive fire protection systems.

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NFPA 80 specifies that fire-rated rolling and swinging doors be inspected annually for proper operation. Should a fire occur in a building, fire doors need to work properly to protect people and property. Passive Fire Protection - Fire-Rated Rolling & Swinging Door Contractors can provide annual code required fire-rated door inspections, drop tests, repairs, and replacements of fire doors and doors constructed to resist the passage of smoke.

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Building compartmentation is a critical component of barrier management. For those buildings where light and view are important factors to consider, fire-resistance-rated glazing is the only material that provides a clear view through a fire-resistance-rated assembly and complies with the codes for fire compartmentation without compromising visibility or daylight. Passive Fire Protection - Fire-Resistance-Rated Glazing Contractors are experts at installing and visually surveying and documenting that the fire-resistance-rated glazing is correctly installed, labeled, and inventoried.

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The 2018 International Fire Code requires that an inventory of fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies be maintained by the building owner and manager. To keep fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies maintained and documented on an ongoing basis, manual and automated systems have been developed. Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Management Software companies are experts in the products that utilize software to manage fire-resistance maintenance and records.

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Spray Fire-Resistive Materials (SFRM) and Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials (IFRM) are used to provide protection to structural members that lose their structural integrity when exposed to elevated temperatures. Installed SFRM and IFRM's might be removed to accommodate attachments such as ceilings, piping, cables, and more. To reduce the likelihood of structural collapse and maintain fire-resistance protection, damaged SFRM and IFRM needs to be continuously maintained and patched to the listing and manufacturers' instructions. SFRM and IFRM Fireproofing Contractors are experts at keeping installed fireproofing continuously and correctly maintained.

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Firestop Contractor, Firestop Inspection Agencies, Associates, Manufacturer Members, FM 4991 Approved, UL/ULC Qualified Firestop Contractors, are the best in professional fire-resistance systems to protect people in buildings. Passive Fire Protection - Barrier Management Services members survey, reconstruct, document fire-resistance rated and smoke resistane assemblies in existing building.

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 FM 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor

Bartkowski Life Safety Corp. provides a variety of life safety services to contractors architects facility directors and building owners. We have a proven history of meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations.
We offer a number of services to our clients including:

  • New Construction Firestop Installation
  • Perimeter Containment
  • Code Correction Remediation
  • Audit / Assessments
  • Damper Inspections
  • Photoluminescent Exit Markings
  • Safety Services
  • Computer Generated O&M Documentation
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Material Supplier

  • Bartkowski Life Safety Corp. is a:
  • FM 4991 Approved contractor firm
  • Certified WBE
  • Certified WOSB
  • Certified SDB
  • Address:
    140 W. 168th St. , South Holland, Illinois 60473
     FM 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor

    Commercial Educational Industrial and Healthcare Facilities are the primary focus of BRAND?s construction services. We specialize in installing code required passive Fire Protection systems in support of the construction industry; including Fireproofing of structural steel Firestopping of through wall penetrations and Insulating of mechanical and fire rated equipment. To improve the company?s efficiency and reduce its overall cost to the customer in 2006 Brand began offering these services as a bundled all-inclusive package. Once contractor sole source responsibility one price? BRAND.
    BRAND is a Women Owned Small Minority Business FM 4991 Approved Contractor with Set Aside Hartford Contractor status.
    We are members of NFPA NIA FCIA and ASHE.
    Brand is a 4991 contractor serving the following states:


    39 Kings Highway Suite A , Gales Ferry, Connecticut 6335
     UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor

    A woman owned firestop company servicing the Central Florida area.  We specialize in Healthcare,  Commercial, Condominiums, Apartments, Hotels and Shopping Centers.  We also service Nasa and Military bases.

    2942 Forsyth Rd. , Winter Park, Florida 32792
     FM 4991 Approved Firestop Contractor  UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor

    Performance Contracting Inc. (PCI) is the core subsidiary of Performance Contracting Group (PCG). PCG is one of the top specialty contractors in the United States. Based in Lenexa Kansas PCG is ranked 8th among the top U.S. specialty contractors. PCI's Interior Division was named the Number One Wall and Ceiling Specialty Contractor in the ENR Magazine\\\\\\'s most recent ranking of the top 600 U.S. specialty contractors. The Insulation & Specialty Services Division (home of the Firestop & Expansion Joint Group) provides Mechanical Insulation Firestopping Expansion Joint Abatement and other services.

    140 Etowah Trace , Fayetteville, Georgia 30214


    Anaheim, California
    (714) 701-9141
    Austin, Texas
    Livermore, California
    (510) 221-9087
    Mansfield, Texas
    (817) 590-0041
    Pasadena, Texas
    (281) 817-9623
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Seattle WA, Washington
    (206) 623-8750
    Vancouver, Washington
    (360) 574-8400
    Lenexa, Kansas
    (210) 225-4186