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Ken Slama, DRI (UL) (204) 777-0100 National Firestop Ltd.
Mike Pautsch, DRI (FM, UL) (763) 571-7464 Superl, Inc.
Tracy Smith, DRI (UL) (480) 752-8550 Firestop Southwest

The Education Committee Task Group, Manual of Practice maintains the FCIA Manual of Practice (MOP). This respected industry resource guide was developed to create a living body of knowledge for Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors, Barrier Management Services Contractors and others in the industry. This MOP is the basis of the FM and UL-ULC Firestop Exams. The Exams are used for people to become Designated Responsible Individuals (DRI’s) as part of the FM 4991, Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors (FM 4991 Approved) and UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Programs. The FCIA MOP is also used by Inspection Agencies who take the FM and UL-ULC Firestop Exams to be approved by Authorities Having Jurisdiction as Special Inspectors, where accepted.

Committee News

FCIA’s Firestop Manual of Practice has grown over the years. There are two versions of this important document:

FCIA MOP – This document is the complete manual with project management and all sections.

FCIA MOP Firestop Containment Worker Edition – This document, developed by the Apprenticeship Committee, is a special manual for the firestop containment worker and inspectors who don’t manage projects.

The FCIA Technical, Education and Apprenticeship (TEA) MOP Task Group has been busy these past few years. Thanks to the volunteers who have helped make these documents the best they can be.