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Education Committee Charter

The Technical & Education (TE) Committee Task Group, Education develops and promotes education programs for Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors and Special Inspection Agency personnel that address technical and industry issues, such as the FCIA Certificate of Achievement Education Program. The Task Group also develops education for other important organization audiences that are interested in and influence Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation and is working on the FCIA Apprenticeship Standards and educational materials associated with the initiative.

Committee Update

Committee News February 28, 2010

The Education Committee has been presenting the FCIA Firestop Education Program, Firestop Quality Process Programs to groups in the US, Canada and the Middle East. The group has also partnered with Underwriters Laboratories to present the FCIA Total Fire Containment Systems Symposium, and FCIA Firestop Exam Education as well. The group will be reviewing the programs and making adjustments throughout the year.

FCIA’s Bill McHugh at the Total Fire Protection Systems Symposium. FCIA Education is offered worldwide.

Committee News January 10, 2009

The Education Committee will be reviewing the FCIA Firestop Education Program, Firestop Quality Process Presentation, and more in conjunction with the Apprenticeship, Accreditation and other FCIA Committees. Join us as we work to improve FCIA’s well received programs.

Information updated on Feb. 15, 2008

FCIA’s Education Committee Assignments for development of education have been reassigned by the FCIA Board of Directors to the Technical Committee, for sourcing and coordination reasons. The board is very concerned about consistency between the documents and presentations and believes this will help future programs.

For further information, contact Bob Hasting, Chair.

Information updated on Feb 15, 2007

FCIA 2007 Education Subcommittee – Pam Wellons & Dan Flynn, 2007 Co-Chairs

The FCIA Education Subcommittee is reviewing the FCIA Education Program Powerpoint Programs and revising them to tailor to various audiences. The committee also plans to submit FCIA Education Programs to various authorities to be recognized for continuing education credit at local, state/provincial and national levels.

FCIA Apprenticeship Subcommittee – Bob Hasting, Chair

FCIA’s Bob Hasting has worked with the state of Washington to establish a State Apprenticeship Committee (SAC). This committee is operating and fully functional. Bob Hasting, Bob LeClair and Bill McHugh worked together with the US Department of Labor.

In 2006 the committee worked with the US Department of Labor to establish a new worker classification. The US Department of Labor created with O-Net, the classification code 47-2131.00, Firestop/Contianment Worker, under the “Insulation Worker” classification, establishing the Firestopping Trade formally. This category gives local authorities a basis from which to set wage rates on projects where Davis-Bacon wage rates are mandated.

The Apprenticeship Subcommittee in 2007 is working with the US Department of Labor to complete the program, and provide educational materials to instructors and students of our trade, the workers. FCIA is pleased to provide this classification, creating a trade for our workers to progress through a career path, while generating pride in our trade.

FCIA Education Committee 2005 Results – Bob Hasting, FCIA 2005 Education Chair

FCIA Firestopping Apprentice Program

FCIA’s Education Committee – Formed a relationship with the US Department of Labor (DOL), who made a determination that the trade is apprenticable. The DOL will adapt FCIA Educational pieces to the program. As a result, a new worker classification has been added to the Davis Bacon Wage Program, for firestopping workers. Watch for more on this in early 2006 through FCIA’s Enewsletters.

FCIA’s Powerpoint Education Program – This fully scripted poweroint presentation was offerred at the FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference on a CD to FCIA Members. Additionally, the “Firestopping Quality Process” Presentation was included too.

Those FCIA Members who qualify can present the FCIA Education Powerpoint Presentations to architectural firms for American Institute of Architects (AIA) CES Credits. FCIA’s programs qualify for valuable AIA Health Safety & Welfare credits. Contact FCIA Office about this program.

FCIA’s Education DVD Video Education Program – This program is a live pictoral presentation of the firestopping industry, that compliments the FCIA Manual of Practice and FCIA Education CD’s.

FCIA’s Education Committee – is currently developing the curriculum for the Department of Labor Firestopping Apprenticeship Program. Look for more on this in 2006.

2004 Review and 2005 Goals

The Education Committee, determined to make firestopping a “Trade”, completed work on a significant education powerpoint presentation for FCIA Members to use with employees and other interested parties in 2004. Additional goals include refining the presentation while working to build an apprentice training program that can be used by FCIA union or non-union firms.

Goals 2004

  • Create Installer Education Program and training standard.
  • Maintain Education Programs and Training Standard developed by FCIA.
  • Start building material content for videos and CD Production.
  • Create a training or education session at each FCIA Conference for FCIA Members.
  • Coordinate with and support other committees to include new industry information in education programs.