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One of the FCIA’s core missions is building knowledge and awareness of the importance of Life Safety Firestop Systems and Effective Compartmentation. Firestop Contractors pursuing FM 4991 Approval or UL/ULC Qualification, Firestop Special Inspection Agencies seeking IAS AC 291 Accreditation and their personnel seeking approval as a special inspector and the Firestop Containment Worker ALL need to understand industry protocols for Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation reliability.

In an effort to remain a cutting-edge organization, FCIA has developed a series of resource guides to elevate not only the knowledge and quality of workmanship of firestop containment workers and inspectors, but also to impart the requisite knowledge to Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) who issue building permits and approvals. These documents are available for purchase from FCIA for use by individuals in the business of Life Safety Systems.

FCIA Firestop Industry Manual Of Practice - 7th Edition

The FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice - 6th Edition (MOP) is the Firestop Industry’s handbook of accepted firestop knowledge. It is used by contractors, inspectors, architects, engineers, manufacturers, building officials and fire marshals in North America and beyond to learn about the trade and to use as a reference guide. The MOP is also used as a reference document for FM’s Firestop Exam for those seeking the FM 4991, Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors, and the UL/ULC Firestop Exam for the UL/ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program. The FM & UL/ULC Firestop Exams are also used for personnel working at companies who become IAS AC 291 Accredited.

This 7th edition includes a new Firestop Inspection chapter which focuses on the key code and standards requirements, plus FCIA’s positions on various issues in this new field of firestopping inspection.

FCIA Firestop Containment Worker

Education Program - 2nd Edition

FCIA Firestop Containment Worker Education Program is a comprehensive educational program for the Firestop Containment Field Worker and Instructor, as well as the Firestop Inspector. The program consists of two parts:

  1. FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice, Firestop Containment Worker Instructor Edition (FSCW-IE)
  2. FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice, Firestop Containment Worker Edition Manual (FSCW-M)

FCIA MOP Firestop Containment Worker Education Program - Instructor Edition - FSCW-IE

FCIA Education Program for use by the INSTRUCTOR to educate workers and others.  The set includes :

  • Instructor DVD OR Flashdrive with ...
  • 22 PowerPoint Presentations,               
  • 22 Quizzes,
  • 22 Instruction Guides
  • Step-by-Step Instructional videos
  • And, a hardcopy FSCW-Manual for the instructor

*For Non-Member prices, call FCIA’s Office.

FCIA MOP Firestop Containment Worker

Edition Manual, 2nd Edition- FSCW-M

The Firestop industry's knowledge handbook for Firestop Containment Workers.  Learn about:

  • Firestop Testing Standards
  • History
  • Firestop Materials
  • Tested and Listed Systems
  • Systems Selection
  • Systems Analysis

This is the definitive resource guide that the firestop field worker and all others in the industry MUST have.  Quantity Discounts available for FCIA Members.


FCIA Manual of Practice Edition Pricing

FCIA Member Price

NON-Member Price


FCIA Manual of Practice, For New MOP Purchases - includes binder and all content with 2018 updates


FCIA Full replacement MOP, For Current MOP Owners - includes all content with 2018 updates (designed to fit your current binder)
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FCIA Updated Content Only, For Current MOP Owners - Full Manual - ELECTRONIC SELF-PRINT OPTION

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Firestop Containment Worker Education Program - Instructor Edition

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Firestop Containment Worker Edition Manual

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Want to save on your purchase?

As a service to the industry, FCIA offers the Manual of Practice FREE to:

  • Architects with Design Firms
  • Specifiers in practice with Architectural Firm
  • Governmental AHJ Building Officials
  • Governmental AHJ Fire Marshals, Fire Service and Fire Officials
  • Government Officials

To receive your FREE copy of the FCIA MOP, email Cathy@FCIA.org.  Be sure to include: name, job title, organization/firm, address, phone, fax and email.

*Note: The Firestop Containment Worker Education Program resources (FSCW-IE and FSCW-M) are NOT part of the FREE MOP offer.


"I just downloaded it.  What a great resource!

Thanks to you and your organization for making it available.  Keep up the great work!" 

Scott McBrayer, Inspector of Record

California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Questions...contact FCIA at +1-708-202-1108 or email Cathy@FCIA.org



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