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Adler Firestopping specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of firestop systems. Our commitment to excellence in the firestopping industry has earned us the reputation among building designers, code officials, building inspectors and contractors as being the leader in providing firestopping and fire containment solutions. Together with our manufacturing partners, we provide the industry’s highest trained staff, extensive field and technical support and site audits as part of our quality control. We service the construction industry throughout the Western Canada from our three locations in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon.

Firestopping makes Fire Containment possible and compliments the Fire Detection (Alarms) and Fire Suppression (Sprinklers) components of Life Safety in a building. Installation of firestop systems restores the integrity of fire rated floor and wall assemblies after being compromised by service penetrations and/or construction joints. Our professional staff will provide the expertise required to design, install and maintain firestop systems compliant to your building design and regulatory building codes. We can assist you with a range of services throughout pre and post occupancy construction to ensure the integrity of fire separations are established and sustained for the life of the building.



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