Life Safety Digest, The Magazine of Effective Compartmentation

The newest issue of Life Safety Digest, The Magazine of Effective Compartmentation, is here! Check out the High-Rise occupancy focused issue for articles on: ‘Horizontal Fire Shutter Separation in High-Rise Structures’; ‘The Complex Challenges of Fire Penetration Protection & Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies in High-Rise Buildings’; ‘A Constant State of Readiness: Stair Tower Doors in High-Rise Buildings’; […]

FCIA Firestop Certificate of Achievement Education Program (FCAEP)

Announcing the NEW multi-level FCIA Certificate of Achievement Education Program (FCAEP). The FCAEP brings the student a depth of knowledge in firestopping and other effective compartmentation elements and assemblies and allows them to separate themselves from those that don’t know firestopping by providing personnel a verifiable level of competence in the field of firestopping and […]

Barrier Management Video Series Available Online

The Barrier Management Symposium is a one- or two-day Symposium hosted around North America by ASHE regions and chapters, APPA chapters, ICC chapters, and others that features technical education from industry experts on the various elements of Barrier Management. Developed to educate and increase awareness about how various barriers are ‘D’esigned, ‘I’nstalled, ‘I’nspected, and ‘M’aintained […]

Professional Liability Insurance for FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor and Special Inspection Agency Members

Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors and Special Inspection Agencies can now take advantage of a new FCIA endorsed Professional Liability Insurance program with The Norman Spencer Insurance Group. FCIA’s leadership worked with The Norman Spencer Insurance Group to assemble a program that closes the gap between General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance that understands your business, your operations, your […]