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Did You Know…Firestop labels that state the system number, make it easier for both new construction firestop inspection and annual visual inspection required by the International Fire Code. That’s right…it’s label time! SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


Did You Know….Marking walls and floors with the tested and listed system number shortens inspection time? That is one of the reasons specifiers are adding labelling for firestop systems to their firestopping specifications. SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


Check this out from ICC. Can you guess who was the proponent at the International Building Code Development Process to get this done? Yes, FCIA – Now, multi-family residential has special inspection for firestopping – part of the FCIA’s DIIM for fire and life safety!


FCIA’s 2021 and 2024 IBC Code Development Process went well. We added safety through special inspection for residential occupancy greater than 250, clarified that manufacturers instructions AND tested and listed systems are needed for proper firestopping, worked with William Koffel and Richard Walke, Tony Crimi and other friends. hear more at FCIA’s FIC Conference, in a few weeks. Thanks to Eirene […]


Did You Know…FCIA is has a Recommended Professional Practice for Identification Systems, AND it’s available FREE to FCIA Members, Specifiers, and AHJ’s? It identifies the types of labels and recommends where on the barrier or penetrating item the identification should be located.  Want a copy? Email us to get it now. Not a member? Join […]


Did You Know…Firestop Special Inspection happens most where there are the most projects with firestopping. Did you also know FCIA worked with International Accreditation Services to build a firestopping section of IAS Accreditation Criteria AC-291. SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


Thanks to all who attended today’s webinar, ‘The Nuts and Bolts of Fire, Fire/Smoke, Smoke, and Ceiling/Radiation Dampers’ with Kent Maune (Ruskin). And, thanks to a dynamic and engaged audience, we had an extremely informative Q&A session at the end! Find the Presentation Here


Did You Know…FCIA’s ‘DIIM’ of firestopping – proper ‘D’esign, ‘I’nstallation, ‘I’nspection, and ‘M’aintenance of Protection – results in safe buildings due to fire-resistance working when called up on by fire or smoke. The proper ‘DIIM’ of firestopping includes ‘I’nstallation of Firestop Systems by FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor Members and FM 4991 Approved and/or UL […]


Hot off the press: It’s the September FCIA eNewsletter! This month’s edition is full of important information, like the recently announced change to the UL Numbering System, updates on FIC ’21, information on Special Inspection, and so much more. Read It Online Today!


UL has just announced a new numbering system for firestop systems and fire-resistive joint systems. Two tested and listed system categories are moving from a 4-digit System Number to a 5-digit System Number soon (Ex: C-AJ-20000, after C-AJ-2999).  Resources are posted on FCIA’s Technical Resource Pages, and UL’s Resources Pages. Moving forward, when a 4-digit […]


Your Marketing Committee is on the move again, advocating for the firestop industry, the Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor and Special Inspection, FCIA Members, and more! Today’s group? The National Association of State Fire Marshals! Special thanks to Taylor Benay (National Firestopping Solutions, Inc.)!


Did You Know…Firestop special inspection occurs in a wide range of buildings. Did you also know that FCIA’s Firestop Manual of Practice has an 80-page section on firestop special inspection? And that the FM and UL Firestop Exams have a questions on firestop installation AND inspection? FCIA Contractor and Special Inspection Agency Members are your […]


On Sept. 9, US President Biden announced that the US Dept. of Labor will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) requiring employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their employees either get vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing.   When published in the Federal Register, the ETS will become effective immediately in states under OSHA jurisdiction.  […]


Did You Know…Where firestop special inspection is mandated, the use of a FM 4991 Approved or UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor is already specified.  FCIA Member Contractors & Special Inspection Agencies are the best!  SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


With so much of the world in COVID-19 flux still, there’s one thing you can count on: dynamite firestop education with FCIA! This November 2-5, join FCIA IN-PERSON OR ONLINE for three days of education focused on the firestop industry, code updates, team development, technical updates, and more. Learn more


Did You Know…Back in 1999, FCIA asked Mike Pfeiffer, VP Codes at ICC, ‘Why don’t we have firestop inspection like fireproofing does?” Mike replied, “Does your industry have inspection standards? Have you submitted a code proposal to add it to the IBC?”  FCIA’s Standards Committee formed that day, and FCIA hired a consultant to write the […]


Did You Know… Lack of high-rise buildings in ND, NH, MS, AK, could explain why there are less FM 4991 Approved or UL Qualified Firestop Contractors Specified. SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor and Special Inspection Agency Members: One Day Left to Register for the FCIA Contractor and Special Inspection Agency Members Only ‘FCIA Education for the FM & UL-ULC Firestop Exams’ webinar. When: Thursday, August 12Time: 8:00 am CDT Register Today!


Did You Know… Manufacturing, Dormitories, Healthcare seem to be where the highest percentages of buildings get FM 4991 and UL Qualified Contractors specified. What types of projects do you most often see FM 4991 Approved and/or UL Qualified Firestop Contractors in the specifications? SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


Did You Know… FM 4991 Approved and or UL Qualified Firestop Contractors are specified widely. FCIA’s Marketing Committee wants to find out why.  Email us at info@FCIA.org with the characteristics of projects where the specs hold to help with our research. SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.


The first in the FCIA Did You Know LinkedIn series dropped today! Check it out online, and make sure to Like, Share, Tag, Comment, and more! C’mon, let’s spread the word about the importance of firestopping and effective compartmentation!


Calling all those interested in the firestop industry! Registration is now open for FIC ’21, the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show, heading to San Diego, CA and the Rancho Bernardo Inn this November 2-5, 2021! Register Today!


The FCIA Manual of Practice (MOP) recently received a big update to the Codes and Standards section. Expanded to 120 pages, the update includes a new Appendix on Standards that adds Code information for countries and regions like the USA, Canada, the UK, parts of Europe, the Middle East, Far East, and more. Learn more


Did You Know… The FCIA Marketing Committee analyzed 15,000+ projects to see how often things like the FM 4991 Approved & UL-ULC Qualified Contractor Programs or third-party firestop inspections were being specified? Watch out for our upcoming LinkedIn campaign that highlights some of the most interesting findings!


Thanks to all who attended today’s webinar, ‘Firestopping – Building Codes, Fire Codes, & Specifications’. The Q&A session after the presentation was loaded with great questions! FCIA Members can find the recording in Members Only. All others can find the Presentation here.


Lots of big announcements from ECA ’21, including the upcoming release of the 8th Edition of the FCIA Manual of Practice (MOP), the impending launch of the FCAEP Firestop Level 2 Program, and so much more! Stay tuned for the next edition of the FCIA e-Newsletter, which will recap all of the exciting news!


FCIA’s Standards Committee member Jay McGuire is the chair of the new Task Group at ASTM building a standard for ‘Identification Systems’. Most identify this as labelling firestopping with the system number, contractor contact info, etc. There also can be tags made from plastic, paper, steel, ceramic fiber and more. Where do these ID systems […]


FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors and Special Inspection Agencies: only one day left to register for the extended four-hour ‘FCIA Education for the FM & UL-ULC Firestop Exams’ webinar. When: Tuesday, March 30 Time: 8:00 am CDT Register Today! Specialty Firestop Installation Contractors and Special Inspection Agency personnel: Not a member but want to attend? […]


This May 10-13, where can you go to find technical firestop education, the FM & UL-ULC Firestop Exams, round table action meetings, and networking events for the firestop industry? ECA ’21! And with two ways to attend, there’s no reason not to be there. What are you waiting for?Register Today!


Registration is open for the ‘FCIA Education for the FM & UL-ULC Firestop Exams’ webinar. FCIA Contractor Members looking to pursue the FM 4991 Approved or UL-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor programs and FCIA Special Inspection Agency Members pursuing the IAS AC 291 Accredited Program can attend this extended 4-hour webinar to prepare for the FM […]


Registration is open for ECA ’21, the FCIA Education & Committee Action Hybrid Conference, heading to the InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza this May 10-13. Attend – either In-Person OR Online – with the same access and benefits regardless of how you get there. Register Today


Thank you to all who tuned in to yesterday’s ‘Maintaining Protection of Gypsum Assemblies’ webinar with Kyle Flondor of USG. It’s always great having Kyle present because he always brings strong technical content and a wealth of knowledge. And, we had great interaction and participation from the crowd with thought-provoking questions, some that even stumped […]


The FCIA Board of Directors met this week to strategize FCIA’s 2021 actions and initiatives. From Accreditation, Education, Code and Standards to Program, Labeling, FM & UL Contractor Programs, Inspection, and a lot more, the FCIA Board developed a comprehensive and consistent plan of action for the year. Watch as new and existing program announcements […]


Where can you go to find experts in the fields of Firestopping and Effective Compartmentation and Barrier Management Services? The FCIA Member Lists of course! Here you’ll find the leading experts and providers for all aspects of high-quality fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies and Barrier Management Services. Find a provider near you today!


Registration is open for the February webinar in the FCIA Educational Webinar Series ’21. Don’t miss ‘Maintaining Protection of Gypsum Assemblies’ with Kyle Flondor, USG’s Fire Systems Lead, Building Science, as he covers proper design and systems selection through the UL Product iQ. Then, follow along as he dives into the patching and repair of […]


Thank you to all who attended today’s ‘Firestopping & Standards – An In-Depth Look at the Multiple Ratings of Firestop Systems’ with Rich Walke (CTI for FCIA), the opening session in the 2021 FCIA Educational Webinar Series. Stay tuned for information on the February session. Missed it? You can find the presentation here.


The Firestop Contractors International Association announces the all-new FCIA Firestop Certificate of Achievement Program for Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor personnel and Firestop Special Inspection Agency personnel who want to immerse themselves in the world of firestopping and fire-resistance-rated and smoke-resistant assemblies. Stay tuned to www.FCIA.org and the January e-News for more information!


Wait for it… The ALL NEW Life Safety Digest 2021 Print + Digital Planning Guide is here! Formerly the Life Safety Digest Media Kit, the redesigned Print + Digital Planning Guide offers exciting new print and digital advertising opportunities across the Life Safety Digest and FCIA platforms that will fit with any budget. Learn more […]