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FCIA Barrier Management Services Member Lists

Member Contractors / Offering Barrier Repair Services

Building Owners and Managers are required by the International Fire Code, NFPA 101, NFPA 1, the National Fire Code of Canada, UAE Fire and Life Safety Code, and other codes to maintain all types of fire protection in buildings. They are also required to maintain the fire-resistance rated construction and smoke resistant assemblies for the life of the building. The FCIA Barrier Management Services contractors, inspection agencies, manufacturers, distributors and software vendors provide tools for the building owner and manager to meet code requirements. Whether small or large repairs and major renovations, FCIA Barrier Services Section keeps buildings safe. Members who offer these specialized services can register for inclusion in these lists.

Barrier Repairs

Walls and floors are breached by penetrating items such as ducts, pipes and cables, as well as joints. All of these assemblies need to be visually surveyed annually - some codes require it, and it is a best practice. After a survey, repairs can be scheduled and performed by these Barrier Repair contractors. The repairs can be recorded in an inventory that the building owner and manager can manage for the building life cycle.


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Accurate Firestop & Insulation
Javier Lucatero
Member Since March 24, 2014

(510) 886-1169
Aecon Industrial Western Inc.
Jeff Leddy
Member Since February 28, 2012

Sherwood Park
(780) 416-5700
All Sealants Inc.
Matt Skole
Member Since January 15, 2019

(708) 720 - 0777
Apex Firestop
(FM 4991 Approved)
Tony Gamble
Member Since October 1, 2003

(713) 690-4725
Bartkowski Life Safety, Corp.
(FM 4991 Approved)
Lauren Sustek, DRI (FM)
Member Since August 1, 2008

South Holland
(708) 498-0004
Brand Services
(FM 4991 Approved)
John Chiangi, Jr. DRI, (FM)
Member Since April 1, 2007

Gales Ferry
(860) 464-1991
BrandSafway Solutions
William Corbin
Member Since March 18, 2019

Fire Blockers, Inc.
(FM 4991 Approved)
Rick Stokes, DRI (FM, UL)
Member Since September 1, 2000

(972) 230-7774
Firestop Southwest, Inc.
(UL Qualified/Firestop)
Tracy Smith, DRI (UL)
Member Since April 1, 2007

(480) 752-8550
Gleeson Powers, Inc.
(FM 4991 Approved) (UL Qualified/Firestop)
Aedan Gleeson, DRI (UL)
Member Since November 1, 1998

(508) 553-0800
Kasco Firestopping
(FM 4991 Approved)
Tom Buchanan, DRI (FM, UL)
Member Since May 1, 2009

Royal Oak
(248) 547-1210
McCarthy Building Companies
W. Shawn Jordan
Member Since May 21, 2018

St. Louis
(314) 968-3300
Northeast Firestopping Solutions
(FM 4991 Approved) (UL Qualified/Firestop)
Tyler Ferguson, DRI (FM)
Member Since May 15, 2012

(207) 282-4136
Performance Firestop, Inc.
(FM 4991 Approved) (UL Qualified/Firestop)
Ben Urcavich, DRI (FM, UL)
Member Since June 1, 2009

Green Bay
(920) 471-2282
Jodi Clem, President
Member Since November 1, 2001

(877) 392-6074
Superior Industrial Insulation Company
(UL Qualified/Firestop)
Tom Dake II, DRI (UL)
Member Since October 1, 2010

(216) 252-9590
Turner Brooks
Robert Halik
Member Since September 12, 2018

Madison Heights
(248) 548- 3400

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