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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

Technical Resources

The FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice (MOP) has resources for use by all in the industry. FCIA Members purchase the FCIA MOP and the FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice, Firestop Containment Worker Edition Manual and Firestop Containment Worker Education Program document at huge discounts. Check out all the editions of the FCIA Firestop Industry Manual of Practice (MOP) today. Then, Join FCIA!

Below you will find limited technical resources for the industry. Follow the links to read the document online or download in MS Word format. FCIA Members, for PDF Updates to the FCIA Manual of Practice, visit the Members Only area.

FCIA Standard Answer Series, Techincal Resources

from the FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice and More...

Technical Info - General Firestopping

Firestop Contractor Program Going Strong, May 2018

Gypsum Association Recommendations for Assessing, Repairing Gypsum Boards and Panels, June 2015

UL 2015 Guide Information - Penetration Firestops

UL 2015 Guide Information - Perimeter Fire Containment

UL 1479 Standard revision effective 9/20/07

FCIA Standard Answers to Common Questions Document 1 - Equal F & T Ratings, December 2004

FCIA Standard Answers to Common Questions UL's New "W" and "L" Ratings, December, 2004

Engineering Judgments

International Firestop Council Guidelines for Acceptance of EJ's by Others - Penetrations

International Firestop Council Guidelines for Acceptance of EJ's by Others - Perimter Fire Containment


IBC 2012 Inspection Requirements - Check out FCIA's Webinars for info.

IFC Recommended Guidelines for Inspection of Firestopping

IFC Recommended Guidelines for Performing Destructive Testing of Firestopping

UL Firestop Sealant Shrinkage Evaluation Option, March, 2011


Copper Development Association & Sealants - FCIA recommends that Firestop Contractors seek manufacturer statements of compatibility  when using firestop sealants around copper piping.
Incompatible Products - Lubrizol for Flowguard, Blazemaster or Corzan CPVC Pipe - FCIA recommends that Firestop Contractors consult this list to verify compatibility of products when working with these types of piping systems.




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