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FIC '19

FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show

Trump National Doral Miami

Miami, FL

November 5-8, 2019




FIC '19, the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show, provides a platform for firestop industry professionals and industry experts to join for the common goal of the advancement of the Firestop & Effective Compartmentation industry.

The three-day event and Trade Show is dedicated to the development of the firestop professional.   Firestop Contractors and Special Inspection Agency personnel can enhance their Conference experience by adding a half-day of focused education to prepare for the FM & UL/ULC Firestop Exams, followed by the FM or UL/ULC Firestop Exam.

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Download DRAFT Agenda*
Tuesday, November 5

7:30 a - 2:00 p

Registration Open

8:00 a - 8:30 a

FCIA NEW Member Session

8:30 a - 12:30 p

FCIA Education for the FM & UL/ULC Firestop Exams

1:30 p - 5:00 p

FM & UL/ULC** Firestop Exams

6:00 p - 7:00 p

FCIA Welcome Reception***

7:30 p - 9:00 p

Exhibitor Tabletop Set-Up

Wednesday, November 6

6:30 a - 7:30 a

Exhibitor Tabletop Set-Up

7:30 a - 11:00 a

Conference Registration Open

Trade Show Open

8:00 a - 8:30 a

FCIA President's Welcome & Board Candidate Introductions

8:30 a - 9:00 a

Exhibitor Updates

9:00 a - 9:45 a

Partnership Program Updates

10:00 a - 11:00 a

Keynote Session

11:30 a - 5:00 p

FCIA Memorial Golf Tournament

6:00 p - 7:00 p

FCIA Cocktail Reception & Golf Awards***

Download Printable .pdf Brochure
Thursday, November 7

7:30 a - 5:30 p

Conference Registration Open

7:30 a - 3:45 p

Trade Show Open

8:30 a - 9:30 a

2020 - A Turn in the Road

Richard Branch, Dodge Data & Analytics

9:45 a - 3:00 p

Airboatin' In the Everglades Guest Tour

9:45 a - 10:45 a

Hot Topics in Firestopping Liability: What Do We Know About Potential Sources of Liability and How to Protect Your Business from Being Burned?

Karen P. Layng , JD, M.A.I.T. Co.

10:45 a - 11:45 a

Education Session

George Mills, JLL Healthcare Solutions

12:00 p - 1:15 p

FCIA Awards & Incoming Board Installation Luncheon***

1:30 p - 2:30 p

Education Session

Rich Walke, UL LLC

2:30 p - 3:30 p

Industry Efforts to Standardize the Treatment of Structural Fire-Protection Variances

Kevin LaMalva, P.E., Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

3:45 p - 4:45 p

Education Session


4:45 P - 5:45 P

FCIA Contractor Members ONLY Session

6:00 p - 10:00 p

FCIA 20th Anniversary Celebration***

Friday, November 8

8:00 a - 11:00 a

Conference Registration Open

Trade Show Open

8:00 a - 9:00 a

ICC/NFPA 2021 Code Update

Bill Koffel, P.E., Koffel Associates

9:00 a - 10:00 a

Education Session


10:00 a - 11:00 a

Fall Protection

Frank Marino, Safety Check, Inc.

11:00 a - 11:15 a

Conference Closing Remarks

Conference Ends

Download Printable .pdf Brochure
*Agenda subject to change without notice.
** The UL/ULC Firestop Exam is an OPEN BOOK exam.  UL/ULC Exam participants MUST provide their own copy of the FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice.  The ULC Addendum covers questions specific to the firestop industry in Canada.  The FM Firestop Exam DOES NOT allow the use of the FCIA Manual of Practice during the Exam.
*** Attendance included with FIC Conference registration.  Spouses, Guests and kids welcome.  Additional fee applies.


Download Printable .pdf Brochure
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