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President's Message 2014

Eric Keeton, 2014 FCIA Board President


Thank you once again to all FCIA Member Contractors, Manufacturers, and Associates for being involved in assisting FCIA and the life safety initiatives we’ve built and grown together. It is an honor to lead this great group as FCIA’s 2014 President, especially in the FCIA’s 15th Anniversary.

A special thank you to the past presidents of our organization, and most recently Tracy Smith, FCIA’s 2013 President for laying a base from which FCIA can build better fire and life safety in buildings. Thanks as well to the 2013 Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Volunteers, and Membership for their commitment to the organization. Without the great involvement of volunteers and staff, we would not be where we are today.

As we navigate through another year, we look towards unity and strengthening the industry in the best ways that we can through transparency and leadership together.

We will continue promoting the specialty firestop contractor concept through FCIA Membership, FM 4991 Approved or UL Qualified Contractor company programs in specifications, education and FCIA promotional efforts. This single action is a direct way to strengthen the industry. We also look forward to participation in standards development and regulation within the code development process for firestopping working together with manufacturers, consultants and industry.

Reflecting on the past, FCIA has grown exponentially in membership due to the hard work of the FCIA Committees through…

- Accreditation – has partnered with key organizations such as FM Approvals and Underwriters Laboratories and International Accreditation Services.
- Standards – We continue to chair the ASTM E 2174 & ASTM E 2393 Inspection Standards and have made a difference in the testing standards for firestop products that become SYSTEMS after installed by a professional. FCIA was the code proponent supported by manufacturers and consultants that resulted in adding these ASTM standards to Chapter 17 of the International Building Code.
- Marketing brought FCIA speaking engagements or exhibits at NFPA, CSI, ICC, Construction Specifications Canada and more.
- FCIA’s participation at International Accreditation Services produced IAS AC 291, Accreditation Criteria for Special Inspection Agencies…meaning a company inspecting that knows what firestopping is.
- FCIA Symposiums in Canada, the UAE, Qatar keep our membership active.
- Life Safety Digest and the Barrier Management Symposiums continue to deliver the firestopping and effective compartmentation message effectively to building officials, fire marshals, specifiers, healthcare engineers and more.

FCIA can provide new, prospective, and current members with the proper resources to be the best fire and life safety advocates that they can be. Through FCIA conferences, webinars, educational seminars, and more, up to date information regarding the industry is always available to FCIA members and prospective members. The wealth of knowledge and experience shared among FCIA members working together transparently proves to be an invaluable asset as well.

Building upon the DIIMM Strategy to Design (Select system designs), Install, Inspect, Maintain and Manage firestopping and effective compartmentation, we look to increase the reliability of firestopping systems worldwide. One push for 2014 is how we treat Special Inspection Agency accreditation, and getting the right information in the right hands through working together as an industry.

The construction industry is rebounding well from the recession. The building industry is also responding to more stringent regulation on fire and life safety. Let’s continue as an organization to pave the way for responsible firestop installation, inspection and maintenance, management in buildings while keeping in mind those who came before us and those who will come after.

Eric Keeton, 2014 FCIA President

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