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FCIA Board of Directors Archives

FCIA Past Boards of Directors - All Instrumental to the Growth of the Association

Each Board of Directors brings its own strengths and abilities to the table to grow and benefit the organization as a whole.  FCIA recognizes and appreciates the contribution each of these Past Boards have made to shaping the group - and the industry.


FCIA 2019 Board of Directors

L-R: Bryant Bickmore (Past President), Jay McGuire (2019 Board President), Ben Urcavich (Director), Mark Dietz (Treasurer & Past Past President), Tracy Smith (Director), Eric Keeton (Director), Jerry Dugan, Jr. (Director), Scott Rankin (Director).  Not Pictured: Tyler Ferguson (Director).



FCIA 2018 Board of Directors

L-R: Mark Dietz (Treasurer & Past President), Bryant Bickmore (President), Aedan Gleeson (Director), Eric Keeton (Director), David White (Director), Ben Urcavich (Secretary), Jay McGuire (Vice President), Jerry Dugan, Jr. (Director).  Not Pictured: Bob Hasting (Director), Ken Slama (Past Past President), Tracy Smith (Director).



FCIA 2017 Board of Directors

L-R: Mark Dietz (President), Ken Slama (Past President), Eric Keeton (Secretary, Past President), Aedan Gleeson (Director), Jay McGuire (Director), Don Murphy (Treasurer), Bryant Bickmore (Vice President). Not Pictured: Tracy Smith (Past President), Bob Hasting (Director), Gary Hamilton (Past President), David White (Director).



FCIA 2016 Board of Directors

L-R: Tracy Smith (Past President), Bob Hasting (Director), Don Murphy (Treasurer), Jay McGuire (Director), Eric Keeton (Past President), Gary Hamilton (Past President), Bryant Bickmore (Secretary), Mark Dietz (Vice President), David White (Director) and Ken Slama (President).  Not Pictured: Aedan Gleeson (Director).



FCIA 2015 Board of Directors

L-R: Gary Hamilton (President), Bob Hasting (Director), Tracy Smith (Past President), Scott Rankin (Director), Don Murphy (Director), Mark Dietz (Director), Jay McGuire (Director), Aedan Gleeson (Director), Bryant Bickmore (Director), Eric Keeton (Past President). Not Pictured: Ken Slama (Director)



FCIA 2014 Board of Directors

L-R: Eric Keeton (President); Tracy Smith (Past President); Don Murphy (Director); Jodi Clem (Past President); Scott Rankin (Director); Mark Dietz (Director); Gary Hamilton (Director); Ken Slama (Director)

Not Pictured: Bob Hasting (Director)




FCIA 2013 Board of Directors

L-R: President Tracy Smith

Past Presidents: Jodi Clem, Bob Hasting

Directors: Gary Hamilton, Ken Slama, Eric Keeton, Don Murphy, Scott Rankin,

Not Pictured: Mindi Schrader




FCIA 2012 Board of Directors

L-R - Director Scott Rankin, Past President Randy Bosscawen, Director Don Murphy, Director Eric Keeton, 2012 President Jodi Clem, Director Ken Slama, Vice President Tracy Smith, Director Gary Hamilton, Past-President, Bob Hasting.



FCIA Board Goals  - 2005-2011 Boards

FCIA's 2005-2010 Boards met, reaffirmed strategic plans and goals.  Each board has made some minor adjustments to the original plan, laid out in 1998.  Each board remains committed to FCIA's leading role in the industry.

FCIA's Primary Goal continues to be to promote Fire and Life Safety, the Specialty Firestop Contractor Concept and Effective Compartmentation through several initiatives, as seen in the committee pages of this website.

FCIA's 2005-2011 Goals Include:

Promote Firestopping Industry Growth through:

  1. Promote Firestopping Trade Recognition
  2. Build programs to increase reliability of installed firestopping through proper Design, Installation, Inspection and Management...of Firestopping and the Fire Resistance Rated or Smoke Resistant Barrier.
  3. Build the movement for Fire Resistance Rated Effective Compartmentation
  4. Build recognition for FCIA in the Construction Industry
  5. Promote Firestopping Specifications recognizing the Firestop Trade
  6. Create a specialized workforce for firestopping and compartmentation
  7. Increase FCIA Contractor, Manufacturer and Associate Membership worldwide

FCIA 2011 Board of Directors


L-R - 2011 President, Bob Hasting, Director Ken Slama, Past President Randy Bosscawen, Directors Gary Hamilton, Scott Rankin, Vice President Jodi Clem, Director Don Murphy, Past President Bill Hoos, (not shown), Director Eric Keeton, (not shown)




FCIA 2010 Board of Directors

2010 President - Randy Bosscawen, Secretary Jodi Clem, Treasurer Randy Perry, Directors Gary Hamilton, Bob Hasting, Don Sabrsula, Ken Slama, Past Presidents Bill Hoos, Tom Hottenroth




FCIA 2009 Board of DirectorsFCIA 2009 Board of Directors


Don Sabrsula, Gary Hamilton, 2009 President Bill Hoos, Tom Hottenroth, Randy Perry, Jodi Clem, Randy Bosscawen. Absent, Mike Dominguez & Bob Hasting.




FCIA 2008 Board of Directors


Left to right: Scott Rankin , Aedan Gleeson, Tom Hottenroth, Bob Hasting, Don Murphy, Mike Dominguez, Bill Hoos, Gary Hamilton and Randy Bosscawen.



The 2007 Board of Directors


Scott Rankin (Pyro-Stop), LLC, Mike Wellons (Firestop Carolinas, Inc.), Aedan Gleeson (Gleeson Powers, Inc.), Tom Hottenroth (Firestop Solutions), Bill Hoos (JHC Fire Containment Partners), Bob LeClair, A.F.Underhill(not pictured) ; Bob Svoboda (S&W Waterproofing,Inc.), Mike Dominguez (Firestop Specialties, Inc.) and Don Murphy (PPMI Firestop, Inc.)




The 2006 Board of Directors

FCIA's 2006 Board of Directors included President, Don Murphy (PPMI Firestop, Inc., Mike Dominguez Vice President (Firestop Specialties, Inc.) Aedan Gleeson (Gleeson Powers, Inc.), Tom Hottenroth (Firestop Solutions), Bill Hoos (JHC Fire Containment Partners), Bob LeClair Past President, A.F.Underhill; Bob Svoboda (S&W Waterproofing,Inc.), Mike Wellons (Firestop Carolinas, Inc.)



The 2005 Board of Directors


Don Sabrsula - Secretary, FireSafe of Houston; Mike Dominguez - Director, Firestop Specialties, Inc.; Randy Bosscawen - Director, Multicon Construction Company; Bob LeClair - President, A.F.Underhill; Don Murphy - Vice President, PPMI Firestop, Inc.; Aedan Gleeson - Director, Gleeson Powers, Inc.; Scott Rankin - Treasurer, PyroStop, LLC;

Not Pictured: Bob Hasting - Director, Specialty Firestop Systems; Ray Usher - Past President, SUPERL, Inc.; Bill McHugh - Executive Director


The 2004 Board of Directors

Ray, Usher, President; Bob Patton, Vice President; Tom Hottenroth, Secretary; Bob LeClair, Treasurer; Roger McKenzie, Past President; Bob Hasting, Director; Richard Keeney, Director; Don Sabrsula, Director; Scott Rankin, Director; Bill McHugh, Executive Director.

The 2003 Board of Directors

Scott Rankin, President; Ray Usher, Vice President; Roger McKenzie, Secretary; Bob Patton, Treasurer; Kathy Taraba, Past President; Blase Reardon, Past Past President; Tom Hottenroth, Director; Richard Keeney, Director; Don Sabrsula, Director; Renee Woodruff, Director; Bill McHugh, Executive Director.

The 2002 Board of Directors

Kathy Taraba, President; Scott Rankin, Vice President; Don Murphy, Secretary; Mel Tabor, Treasurer; Blase Reardon, Past President; Aedan Gleeson, Past Past President; Renee Woodruff, Director; Don Sabrsula, Director; Bill McHugh, Executive Director.

The 2001 Board of Directors

Blase Reardon, President; Kathy Taraba, Vice President; Don Murphy, Secretary; Mel Tabor, Treasurer; Aedan Gleeson, Past President; Don Sabrsula, Director; Scott Rankin, Director; Renee Woodruff, Director; Breck Spain, Director; Bill McHugh, Executive Director.

The 2000 Board of Directors

Aedan Gleeson, President; Blase Reardon, Vice President; Don Murphy, Secretary; Mel Tabor, Treasurer; Breck Spain, Director, Kathy Taraba, Director; Ed Dougherty, Director; Bill McHugh, Executive Director.

The 1999 Board of Directors

Aedan Gleeson, President; Ed Dougherty, Vice President; Don Murphy, Secretary; Mel Tabor, Treasurer; Breck Spain, Director; Blase Reardon, Director; Kathy Taraba, Director, Bill McHugh, Executive Director.


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