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Did You Know…FCIA’s ‘DIIM’ of firestopping – proper ‘D’esign, ‘I’nstallation, ‘I’nspection, and ‘M’aintenance of Protection – results in safe buildings due to fire-resistance working when called up on by fire or smoke.

The proper ‘DIIM’ of firestopping includes ‘I’nstallation of Firestop Systems by FCIA Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor Members and FM 4991 Approved and/or UL Qualified Firestop Contractors AND Special Inspection for installed Firestop Systems.

In fact, Special Inspection for Firestop Systems was born at ECA ’99, the FCIA Education and Committee Action Conference 1999 – in response to Specialty Firestop Installation Contractor and the industry’s identified need for it.

SOURCE: FCIA Marketing Committee Research conducted with Dodge Data Analytics/The Blue Book.

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