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Looking for a Firestop Professional? For the best Firestop Contractors, Associates, Manufacturers, Consultants, Distributors, Reps and more, Member List is the place for you.   From Firestopping Contractors to Special Inspection Agencies, Firestop System Manufacturers to Firestop product Distributors, FCIA Members have the expertise you need.  Also, check out the FM 4991 Approved & UL Qualified Contractors Map.

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05/30/18: FCIA introduced a new Recommended Practice for Identification Systems / Labelling. FCIA Members can find it FREE at the Members Only pages. Email us if you need your password.

05/29/18: Register today for the June session in the FCIA FREE Educational Webinar Series, 'Mediation: A Lean Approach to Resolving Disputes without Litigation', with Guest Presenters Paul Simon (Business Mediation Network) and Blase Reardon (FCIA Co-Founder, Mediator).

When: Wednesday, June 20

Time: 10:00 am CDT

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05/25/18: At the FCIA Memphis ECA Conference, FCIA's brand NEW Barrier Management Services Member List was introduced.

05/23/18: Thank you to all who attended the webinar, 'Smoke Control, An Overview with a Discussion of the Benefits of Firestopping'.  Missed it? View the Presentation online.

05/22/18: Presentations from the FCIA ECA 2018 are available in the Members Only section.  Need your login?  Email FCIA for help.

05/15/18: FCIA is partnering with the ICC Building Safety & Design Expo again this year!  Check it out this October 21-22 in Richmond, VA!

05/11/18: Register for this month's webinar, 'Smoke Control, an Overview with a Discussion of the Benefits of Firestopping', with Guest Presenter David Rich, PhD.

When: Wednesday, May 23

Time: 10:00 am CDT

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05/08/18: FCIA leadership traveled to Columbia this week to speak to the ICC.  FCIA represented around the world!

05/07/18: Had a wonderful week in Memphis at FCIA's ECA 2018, the FCIA Education & Committee Action Conference.  The week was packed full of engaging sessions speaking to various aspects of the Firestopping & Effective Compartmentation industry. Thanks to all who attended!

05/01/18: Looking for Barrier Management solutions? Consult the FCIA Member List to find the Barrier Management Services Specialists in your area.

04/30/18: FCIA's ECA 2018 welcomed a big group in Memphis today for the FCIA Education for the Firestop Exams.  So exciting to see so many interested in growing their knowledge of this specialized trade.

04/27/18: We're taking this show on the road.  FCIA's Education & Committee Action Conference - ECA 2018 - opens in Memphis, TN on Monday. See you there!

04/26/18: Thank you to all who attended today's webinar, ''I' is for Inspection: What That Means for You'Find the presentation here. Members can find the presentation in the Members Only Section.

04/25/18: The newest issue of the FCIA Newsletter is here!  Read it today.

04/17/18: Two weeks until FCIA's ECA 2018 opens.  Check out the FINAL AGENDA here!

04/12/18: Lots of good things from the ASTM meetings this week!  Learn more in the FCIA Firestop Standards Discussion at FCIA's ECA 2018!

04/09/18: ASTM Meeting are taking place in San Diego. Stay tuned for more info on what is currently being considered and discussed.

04/06/18: Secondary Hotel option secured for FCIA's ECA 2018.  Learn more

04/05/18: A large group of FCIA Members took FCIA's Education class for the FM and UL Firestop Exams in Doha, Qatar. We made many new friends discussing firestopping!

04/04/18: Guess what opens in 4 weeks? The FCIA Education & Committee Action Conference - ECA 2018 - of course!

Are you in?

04/04/18: UL has officially launched their new Firestop Inspection program. All their inspectors have passed the UL Firestop Exam and have obtained their City of Phoenix Special Inspectors card.  Congratulations UL!  Learn more

04/03/18: Thank you to all who attended the FCIA Education Sessions for the Firestop Exams in Dubai.  Good luck to all who wrote the FM or UL Firestop Exams!

04/02/18: The Spring issue of Life Safety Digest is here!  Check it out online today!

03/28/18: The FCIA Firestop Manual of Practice (MOP) is a living document.  As codes, standards and technology change, so does the MOP.  Announcing the NEW Firestop Inspection chapter, focusing on the key code and standards requirements, plus FCIA's positions on various issues in the field of Firestopping Inspection.  If you've purchased an FCIA MOP in the past, check your inbox for the new content.

03/27/18: Looking for past Webinar programsFCIA Members can find them in the Members Only section.  Non-Members can find copies in the Presentation section.

03/21/18: ATTENTION - The UL Firestop Exams in Doha, Qatar WILL be held as originally scheduled.

03/21/18: Thank you to the participants on today's webinar, 'Perimeter Interior Fire-Containment: What You Need to Know'. Missed it? Check it out here.

03/20/18: FCIA partners with some of the leading industry events to bring awareness of Firestop and Effective Compartmentation to people around the world. Some upcoming events: NFPA Conference & Expo, AIA, BOMA International Annual Conference & Expo, ASHE, CHES, CONSTRUCT, ICC Building Safety & Design Expo and so many more! Make sure to visit the FCIA booths and grab your copy of Life Safety Digest!

03/12/18: Guess what opens next week in Chicago?  IFMA Facility FusionBe sure to grab your copy of Life Safety Digest while there!

03/09/18: There's lots going on with FCIA and the Firestop industry.  Check out all that's happening in the newest FCIA Newsletter!

03/06/18: Looking for a Specialty Firestop Contractor or Special Inspection Agency?  Check out FCIA Member Contractors and Member Special Inspection Agencies around the globe!

02/28/18: Have you registered for FCIA's ECA 2018Learn more about this year's event.  Check out the Draft Agenda today.


02/27/18: Need to write the FM or UL Firestop Exam?  Not located in North America?  Consider writing the exams in either Dubai, UAE or Doha, Qatar with FCIA this April.


02/23/18: Check out the DRAFT AGENDA for FCIA's ECA 2018, heading to Memphis, TN this May 1-4!


02/21/18: Thank you to all who attended today's webinar, 'Fire-Resistive Joint Systems: More Than Meets the Eye'.  Join us next month for the next session in the 2018 FCIA FREE Educational Webinar Series.

Find the presentation here

02/06/18: Looking for the FM and UL Firestop Exams in the Middle East?  Take them with FCIA this April.

02/02/18: FCIA returns to the Middle East with Education for the Firestop Exams and the FM & UL Firestop Exams this AprilLearn more

1/29/18: The 2018 FCIA Board of Directors had their inaugural meeting in Dallas this week. Everyone came together to discuss the direction of FCIA for 2018 and beyond.  Thanks to all for volunteering their time and talents!

1/24/18: Register for the Feburary session in the FCIA FREE Educational Webinar Series, 'Fire-Resistive Joint Systems: More Than Meets the Eye'.

When: Wed, February 21

Time: 10:00 am CST

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1/24/18: Thanks to all who attended today's webinar.  Looking for the Presentation? Find it here 

1/16/18: Registration is NOW OPEN for the FCIA Education & Committee Action Conference - ECA 2018Learn more

1/10/18: FCIA is busy between Conferences. ASTM Standards proposals are prepared, FCIA's Code Committee submitted proposals for the 2021 IBC/IFC, National Building Code of Canada has code development going on too.  We're advancing improved fire- and life-safety in buildings all the time.

1/3/18: The FCIA's Education & Committee Action Conference - ECA 2018, heads to Memphis, TN this coming May!






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